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 Brian M Brook

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Brian M Brook

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PostSubject: Brian M Brook   Mon Jan 17, 2011 8:34 am

Name: Brian M Brook
Style: A huge high flyer, just as good in the air as Daniel is on the ground
Catchline: "A winner will not be you!"
Weight: 205 pounds (Cruiserwieght)
Height: 5 foot and 8 inches
Gender: Male
From: Kentucky
Gimmick: A bit more of a personality then his brother, who he despretly wants to impress.
Entrance: Jessica blares over the arena as Brain Brook walks down the ramp. He rolls into the ring and does a backflip off the turnbuckle.
Credit Check
XXXXX attempts to punch Brook, but Brook rolls out of the way, gives XXXXXX a superkick, runs to the nearest turnbuckle, turns around while juming and uses his momentum to do a picture perfect Moonsault from the middle rope, AKA The Credit Check.
Short Bio: The DKB Bio page covers most of Brian's history. However, unlike DKB, he pefers to watch wrestling instead of wrestle. However, DKB decided to train him anyway. He still lives with his mom, and he would like nothing better then to play video games all day.
Brawl- 50
Speed- 100
Tech- 25
Charisma- 75
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Brian M Brook
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