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 Leon Hinomoto

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PostSubject: Leon Hinomoto   Leon Hinomoto I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 08, 2011 8:19 pm

Wrestler Name: Leon "The Rainman" Hinomoto

Alignment: Face

Weight Class: Heavyweight

Gender: Male

Gimmick: Stoic Native American hero type

Entrance: Artifical Fear's metal cover of "Song of Storms," without the music box playing, blares out of the speakers as Leon walks down to the ring. He stops before the ring and if people are cheering, throws his grey fadora into the crowd, otherwise its on the ground. He then dramatically pulls of his trentchcoat, drops it on the ground, and enters the ring.

Wrestler Description: Leon is 6'3" and weighs 328lbs. He has swept back light grey hair that reaches half an inch further than his chin. He wears tan Comanche style mocasins with tan leggings and black shorts and a Sioux sleavless and tassle-less Sioux warshirt. Hands and most of forearms are taped. He has a lean build.

Short Bio: A 24 year old native of a reservation in Nevada, Leon Roland had no intentiions of ever becomming a wrestler. That was until, at age 19, he lost a bet with a man by the name of Ray Stevens. As a consequence of the bet, these two trained together for what would soon be a sort of competition between them. It was to see which one could gain a larger reputation as a wrestler. Many small time bouts later, Leon had pulled together enough recognition to be considered a rising star.

His future career looked very bright, until in one ladder match against Ray "Kamaura" Stevens and others, he was forced to withdraw becasuse his ribcage was severly injured by a ladder to the chest and was in immediate need of surgery. Under a direct orders from his doctor, Leon was forced to suspend his wrestling career until he had fully recovered. A little over one year later, Leon caught wind of Ray Kamaura joining the ULOL. Not one to let Ray get any headstart in their bet, the newly christened Leon "The Rainmaker" Hinomoto got the go ahead from his doctor, and joined the ULOL.

Finisher(s): Primary Finisher: RainFall (Modified Dragonrana) -- Leon jumps from the turnbuckle, does two fromtflips before slamming his legs down on XXXXX. He then flips himself and XXXXX backwards, landing with XXXXX pinned down on the ground with XXXXX's legs held by Leon.

Signature(s): Lightning and Thunder -- Leon strikes XXXXX in center mass with as much force and speed as he can. Directly after, he swings his left arm around while turning to knock XXXXX down on the ground. When XXXXX's head hits the mat, Leon will have turned enough to sit back quickly and fall down on XXXXX's abdomen.

Brawl: 70
Speed: 85
Tech: 50
Charisma: 45

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Leon Hinomoto
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