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 " New York City's Finest " Cameron Jones

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" New York City's Finest " Cameron Jones Empty
PostSubject: " New York City's Finest " Cameron Jones   " New York City's Finest " Cameron Jones I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 27, 2010 2:59 am

Wrestler Name: " New York City's Finest" Cameron Jones

Alignment: Face

Weight Class: Heavyweight

Gender: Male

Gimmick: Ghetto but humble, raised in the mean streets of New York City.

Entrance: (How you are introduced in the shows. Those who do not post entrances will this posted as their entrance. Wrestler X walks down the entrance ramp and enters the ring to little fanfare...)

Wrestler Description: About 6'1, Dark skinned with a Fro Hawk with a fade on the sides of his head. Skinny face along with a Chin Strap but Goatee is slightly long ( Not too long but enough to notice it goes below the chin. Along with the chin strap, a faded skinny mustache not connected to the chin strap. On both ears he has earrings ( which are pretty big ). - If confused hit me up on PM & I'll further more describe him in more detail

Short Bio: Born and raised in New York City, Cam was born without a father ( prison ). Cam struggled in school since he was involved in gangs & drugs. Cam's mother passed about when he was in the 10 grade, forced to live with his cousin and his family, Cam realized it's time to turn his life around. After getting a GED, Cam found who he thought was his soul mate but only then to realize she was unfaithful & has cheated on Cam quite a few times, so they separated. Their was just one problem, Cam's Ex-Girlfriend had a child and it was indeed Cam's after it was proven at a lab. Having no money Cam decided to try out wrestling to pay off child support and one day having enough money to support his child.

Finisher(s): " CKO " Cameron Knock Out - Superkick

Stats: (250 points to spend on 4 stats, 100 is the max stat. This is for the wrestling match simulator program. Smile)
Brawl: 60
Speed: 55
Tech: 35
Charisma: 50
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" New York City's Finest " Cameron Jones
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