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 Ray Kamaura

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PostSubject: Ray Kamaura   Fri Nov 26, 2010 6:58 pm

Wrestler Name: Ray Kamaura

Alignment: Face

Weight Class: Heavyweight

Gender: Male

Gimmick: Inspirational hero type

Entrance:  "Last Man Standing" by Hammerfall starts to play as Ray Kamaura, The leader of the DWMA, begins striding towards the ring. His seven foot frame towers over everything until he comes to the apron. Ray grabs the top rope and steps onto the ring then over the ropes into the ring. He swiftly moves to a turnbuckle and climbs it raises on arm into the air.

Wrestler Description: Ray is 7'1" and weighs 350lbs. He has bright blue hair that is about an inch long. He wears a black wrestling suit (like the big show), black wrestling boots, and has his wrists taped. He has a strong build.

Short Bio: A 24 year old native of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, it was always Ray's dream to become a wrestler. Ray Stevens officially started his career at the age of 18. For eight months, he drifted from local promotion to local promotion in both the Tri State and New England areas, struggling to get noticed. A childhood friend of his, who recognized Ray's potential, soon pulled a few strings to get him signed to a nice contract for Big Japan All-Star Pro Wrestling. Soon, Ray had a new name and a new look. It wasn't long before he went from a nobody to a midcard diamond in the rough.

Before he could ever make it to the main event scene however, tradgedy struck. In a ladder match for the BJASPW Invitational cup and Japanese world championship (the title was vacent), Ray was thrown from a ladder to the outside floor. He landed awkwardly. He not only suffered ligament damage in his ankle, but also broke his neck and two ribs. It took over a year to recover from his injuries, and by then, the once great "Ray Kamaura" was reduced to only a shadow of his former self. Realizing he needed a fresh start, Ray traveled back to the U.S., and took whatever odd job he could find until he stumbled upon ULOL.  Despite his weakened neck and ankle, Ray thinks this may be the turnaround his damaged career needs.

Finisher(s): Primary Finisher: The End Game (Mexican strech buster) - Ray Kamaura kicks XXXXX in the gut causing XXXXX to double over, puts his right shoulder to the back of XXXXX's Neck, grabs the back of their legs and quickly lifts them up. Ray holds the pose for a few seconds and then falls onto his butt, crushing XXXXX's neck on his shoulder.

Signature(s): Game Changer - Ray Kamaura grabs XXXXX by the neck. Ray then lifts XXXXX up and slams XXXXX to the ground.

Running Boot to the Head - Ray Kamaura falls back and bounces off the ropes before kicking XXXXX on the back of the head.

Brawl: 100
Speed: 40
Tech: 60
Charisma: 50
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Ray Kamaura
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