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 Roe Kai's Biography

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Roe Kai

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PostSubject: Roe Kai's Biography   Thu Oct 14, 2010 10:27 pm

Wrestler's Name: Roe Kai

Alignment: Tweener (Will adjust in the future)

Weight Class: Heavyweight ("Light Heavyweight")

Gender: Male

Gimmick: Mixed Martial Artist

Entrance: Like with the mixed martial arts promotion "UFC", an interview of Kai will be displayed on a large (WWE like titantron) device. Questions will be asked to him of his up coming opponent in which he will answer, thus the entrance will vary a small degree each time (or large depending on the opposition). After the last question, everything will go dim before his music is played, (will choose a song at a later time). So, to cut this short, I'll be rewriting his entrance often so I'll leave this as is for the moment.

Wrestler Description: While in combat, Kai wears nothing more than you'd see a normal MMA fighter wear. (A nut cup underneath, so those who wish to punch there will have a surprised hurt hand), shorts, and MMA's fingerless gloves. Currently the only advertisement on his shorts while in the wrestling buissness is Tapout, as they'll sponsor anyone. Just making the Heavyweight class, he is a smaller frame to most of them, and more toned than large muscle mass. Normal facial features, he has short, messy brown hair.

Short Bio: Only twenty years old, many would think he was on the fast track to fame as already a Light Heavyweight Champion of an MMA Organization, though little do they know how long of a trip it was. Hours upon hours were spent daily working on his technique to get where he is, which leaves him resenting anyone who has had an easy path. Still, he witnesses that as a weakness of his opposition, as when the time comes to finally struggle, they will not be use to the situation, and thus, he will prevail in those areas, as he's been through it many times.

In his MMA tenure he went through many camps and gyms, not only learning from them, though also helping others. The team based attitude will probably carry over into the Wrestling Buissness where he will be willing to teach and learn from most others.

Finishers: Will be gained through RP.


Brawl: 60
Speed: 40
Tech: 100
Charisma: 50

Will be updated from time to time.
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Roe Kai's Biography
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