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 the manager of champions joins ulol

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Manolo Ferrer
Manolo Ferrer

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PostSubject: the manager of champions joins ulol   the manager of champions joins ulol I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 01, 2010 10:46 am

name: manolo ferrer


weight class: heavyweight

sex: whenever he can get it

gimmick: megalomaniac manager, who turns athletes into championship superstars

entrance: the lights dim as A MANOLO FERRER PRODUCTION appears on the giant videoscreen. a bombastic orchestral arrangement by danny elfman begins to play, as various shots of a well-coifed man flash on the screen. we see he is always leading various wrestlers down to the ring, raising their hand in victory after the match, and carry their championship belts for them.

a spotlight suddenly shines on the man himself as he finally emerges. mr ferrer wears a business suit and has a cigar in hand, as he leads his wrestler down to the ring.

physical description: manolo ferrer is a manager and business advisor for his wrestlers, and as such is dressed in a stylish three-piece suit almost at all times. while he is essentially a manager, he has a body that is built like wilson fisk. he is sometimes seen with a cigar in hand.

finishers: illegal attack (usually when the referee isn't paying attention)

brawl - 70
speed - 30
tech - 50
charisma - 100
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the manager of champions joins ulol
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