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 Hillbilly Phil

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Hillbilly Phil
Hillbilly Phil

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PostSubject: Hillbilly Phil   Hillbilly Phil I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 23, 2010 11:48 pm

Wrestler Name: Hillbilly Phil

Alignment: Face

Weight Class: Heavyweight

Gender: Male

Gimmick: Dumb Southern Farmer

Entrance: A loud Yee-Haw blares over the speakers as bluegrass music plays over the sound system, Hillbilly Phil makes his way to the ring carrying with him a jug which he shares with the crowd

Wrestler Description: 6'1" 280 lbs. A true southern hillbilly. A long scruffy beard flows from his face down into his overalls that have only 1 strap attached. He wears a straw hat and a corn cob pipe in his mouth

Short Bio: A true southern Hillbilly. Phil was born and raised on a farm in the rural appalachian mountains. Although only in his mid 20's, the weathered features on his face and skin make him look quite older and beaten. His well built stocky body however is well suited to the hard life in which he's lived. He comes to the world of ULOL after having his farm siezed in an illegal cock fighting operation sting.

Finisher(s): Butter Churn (A boston crab in which he often wrenches hard back and forth thus calling it the Butter Churn)

Stats: (250 points to spend on 4 stats, 100 is the max stat. This is for the wrestling match simulator program. )
Brawl: 75
Speed: 10
Tech: 90
Charisma: 75
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Hillbilly Phil
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