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 On-Air Staff of ULOL

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PostSubject: On-Air Staff of ULOL   On-Air Staff of ULOL I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 12, 2010 3:48 am

All the on-air staff of ULOL can be used for RPs except the general manager Marcus Troy and vice-general manager Eunice P. Winslow.

General Manager: Marcus Troy (Heel) - He's your typical bad ass, tobacco smoking tyrant, the only thing he likes more than himself is money.

Vice-General Manager: Eunice P. Winslow (Face) - A tough old bat who has worked in different wrestling promotions. She controls a minority share in ULOL thus holds the VGM position. She is a no-nonsense 80 year old who does not get intimidated and knows how to kick back.

In-Ring Announcer: Jasmine Lee (Face) - She's a pretty and charming Eurasian.

Commentator: Jim Jackson (Face) - ULOL's play-by-play commentator.

Color Commentator: Brad Blood (Heel)- He's a jackass on the announce table and loves to insult faces.

Backstage Interviewer: Lex Lexington (Tweener) - Backstage interviewer who stays out of backstage politics in the roster.

Trainer: Chuck Norris (Face) - Yeah! Chuck always kicks ass. Go Walker!

Asst. Trainer: Richard Simmons (Face) - He hates obesity with a vengeance.

Doctor: Dr. Booboo B. Gone (Face) - The miracle doctor of ULOL, he has the remedy for any ailment.

Nurse: Emma Enema (Tweener) - Hot nurse, with a fetish for enemas.

Referee: Jack B. Nimble (Tweener) - Fast to count, sometimes, too fast.

Referee: Don Q. Hotte (Face) - Vision impaired referee.

Referee: Sully S. Calawag (Heel) - Money talks.

Intern: Bob Bobbie (Face) - ULOL gopher and regular pushover. Still lives with his mom.
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On-Air Staff of ULOL
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