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 Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012

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The Morbidly Obese Man
The Morbidly Obese Man

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PostSubject: Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012   Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 25, 2015 7:12 am

Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 Banzai10

Jim Jackson:  "Welcome and good evening ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages to the greatest wrestling show on the planet!  BANZAI ULTIMO IS HERE!!!  That's right what a show we have for you all tonight, including a three-way mystery tag match for the LLP Tag Team Titles.  Joining me tonight is my partner Mick Mooney."

Mick Mooney:  "Aloha wrestling fans, be prepared to be blown away for I am sure that tonight we shall have an awesome show...  Not like we ever had a non-awesome show before...  And as you all know we must not make awesomeness wait so dudes and dudettes, let's get this show rolling!"

Jim Jackson:  "I totally agree with you there Mick.  Let's not keep the fans waiting...  LET THE ACTION BEGIN!"

Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 Separa10

Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 Parkin10

Teh camera turns on and a man iz stnding wearing a black cloak. He looks like tht guy frm Residnt Evil 4 who slls weapons and things.

Stranger: "It iz not tme to apear yet!"

Teh stranger wlaks away and teh camera turns off.

Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 Separa10

Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 Traini10

The camera angle shakily draws near the training site late at night.  Furious whiffs from blows landing on a dummy can be heard along with spiteful grunts.  A light coming from the tent is the only thing that illuminates for a long while.  The curtain that blocks the entrance is opened by a female hand from behind the camera.  Yuki Monotomo is punching a hanging dummy with a pile of sand under it that leaked.

Camerella Videoh: “M-Mr. Monotomo?  I-it’s time for your promotion so I can get it cut.”

Yuki lowly growls and turns toward the camera.  Sweat has stained his mask and blue training Gi.  He punches the bag once more.

Yuki Monotomo: “Right, that.  I wasn’t ready.  I should have been.  I was prepared to fight some newbie, not UJJ.  He stopped me from the title in the ULOL and now he’s in my way again.  He’s the only thing that stood in my path.  I don’t care if he becomes champion.  I don’t care if I’m the champion.  Hell, I don’t care who the champion is.  All I want to do is see him tap.  I just want to see “Unstoppable” Jack Johnson stopped for good.  He’s the only thing I couldn’t beat when I was employed at the ULOL.  But now it’s different, I’m going to train and train hard.  When I’m ready, I’m gonna ask Troy for a special match.  He’s gonna give me my match too.  When that happens, I’m going to prove that I’m better than him and he won’t be in my way ever again.”

The camera shakes a little more as the man wipes the sweat from his forehead and shakes his hair.  Night vision flicks on for a second, and then is quickly turned off.  Another punch shakes more sand from the bag.

Camerella Videoh: “W-What about Apocalypse?”

Yuki Monotomo: “He’s what, Russian?  They’ve got 3 good things going for them.  Bears, sexy brides, and vodka.  He’s a pushover.  As long as I can get that guy on the ground, he’s done for.  No fuss, no mess, no challenge.  He’s just a stepping stone on my path to stopping “Unstoppable” Jack Johnson and showing that I am the greatest wrestler in the company.”

He makes his voice higher when saying “Unstoppable” and visibly sneers at the name.

Yuki Monotomo: “For the love of god, Apocalypse lost to Taufik.  Taufik!  Unless he’s on some serious steroids now, I don’t remember Taufik being difficult to wrestle at all!  This is going to be a warm up that’s probably on the same level as that dummy.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to my locker tent, you’re welcome to come, but there’s already another woman in there if you’re into that kind of stuff.  I'm really, really hoping you are.”

The camera shakes back and forth rapidly to show Cam’s unwillingness to participate.  Yuki leaves the tent and the camera angle moves toward the light.  A female hand reaches to turn it off as Yuki’s voice is heard.

Yuki Monotomo: “Well, I'll pencil you in for another night, then.  Oh right, before I forget, Troy signed the contract I made for you, Cam!  I figure since nobody worthy replied on my website, I might make you my tag partner!  Also it’s a lot better having a sexy lady than a dude any day!”

The scene fades into black as the angle falls to the ground, showing Yuki and Cam’s feet.

Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 Separa10

Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 Nopic11 VS Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 Monoto10

Apocalypse VS Yuki Monotomo

Jim Jackson:  "Well tonight we have Apocalypse going against Yuki Monotomo...  Apocalypse is still looking for his first win here in LLP, will it be against Yuki?  Yuki on the other hand needs to get a win to erase his loss on the last show.  Both wrestlers definitely have a lot to prove."

Mick Mooney:  "Well we like have a big brawler against a submission dude...  If Apocalypse lands a big hit first, Yuki's lights will go out but if that Jap dude gets a hold on the Russian dude, then it's tap out time!"

Jasmine Lee:  "Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a singles match scheduled for one fall.  Introducing first standing at 6 feet 7 inches tall and weighing in at 400 pounds, hailing from Moscow, Russia...  APOCALYPSE!"

The Russian Folk song "Korobeiniki" echoes around the arena. The genre of the song changes as a Heavy Metal version of the song takes over. Apocalypse appears at the top of the ramp with his arms outstretched and with a huge grin on his face. He makes his way down the ramp and shakes some of the crowd's hands. He makes his way over to the ring and jumps up onto the ring apron. He steps over the ringropes to enter the ring. He then rips his shirt apart to take it off and he throws it into the crowd. He stretches in the ring while he waits for the match to start.

Jasmine Lee:  "Introducing next, his opponent for tonight, standing in at 6 feet 11 inches tall and weighing in at 250 pounds, hailing from Tokyo, Japan...  YUKI MONOTOMO!"

"Shinigami" by Machinae Supremacy echoes throughout the arena. Fog rolls down the ramp as ice blue lasers fly to the beat of the music. Yuki Monotomo walks slowly toward the ring, taking time to flirt with a few female fans. After entering the ring, he blows a few kisses at some female fans from each ring corner.

Jasmine Lee:  "The referee for this match is Jack B. Nimble.  LET THE ACTION BEGIN!"

Jim Jackson:  "And we hear the bell Yuki Monotomo lunges in first!  Big kick to the chest of Apocalypse who soaks all that damage in his 400 pound frame.  Apocalypse with a big right!  Misses!  He throws a huge left... Sidestep by Monotomo!  Apocalypse starts swinging wildly but Monotomo easily evades each swing."

Mick Mooney:  "Damn, that Russian dude may have a one hit kill but if he like can't even get one hit in then he's nothing.  Oh!  That Apocalypse dude decides to go for a kick instead...  That's one big foot!"

Jim Jackson:  "Yuki Monotomo catches Apocalypse's leg!  Single leg takedown!  Monotomo locks in a figure four leglock!  Apocalypse screams in pain as he tries to reach for the ropes!  He makes it!  Monotomo lets go...  Apolcalypse limps up to his feet...  Monotomo charges in!  Apocalypse sees him and throws a big Mongolian chop!  Monotomo sidesteps and the chop grazes his shoulder!"

Mick Mooney:  "Whoa man, you could hear Apocalypse's chop whiz through the air, if it hit the Jap dude, he would have been like cleaved in half."

Jim Jackson:  "Yuki Monotomo with a Russian leg sweep on the Russian!  Monotomo goes to work on the leg!  He hits an elbow drop on it!  He quickly locks in an ankle lock!  Apocalypse again is in pain!  He screams out loud and tries to kick free, Monotomo tries to pull him to the middle of the ring but Apocalypse's upper body strength allows him to crawl to the ropes!  Rope break!"

Mick Mooney:  "Twice now Monotomo almost made Apocalypse tap...  That Russian dude better find a way to turn the tables of it will be the end of him..."

Jim Jackson:  "Apocalypse slowly gets back to his feet.  It is clear that his leg has taken significant damage.  Yuki Monotomo with a dropkick to the knee of Apocalypse!  The big Russian screams as he clutches his leg and falls to one knee!  Yuki Monotomo sweeps Apocalypse's leg out from under him and wretches his left arm under Apocalypse's neck with the elbow over the Adam's apple and presses against the back with his knee...  IT'S THE BLACK DRAGON HOLD!!!"

Mick Mooney:  "Apocalypse tries to get to the ropes...  He's just a few inches away...  APOCALYPSE TAPS!!!  APOCALYPSE TAPS!!!  That was gnarly dude!"

Jasmine Lee:  "Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match via submission...  YUKI MONOTOMO!"

Jim Jackson:  "Yuki Monotomo made quick work on Apocalypse tonight...  An impressive win indeed.  Monotomo is celebrating his win in the ring as Apocalyse takes the walk of shame tonight."

Mick Mooney:  "Apocalypse makes the walk of shame every time Jimbo...  Seriously, that Russian dude should maybe find a career change..."

Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 Separa10

Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 Parkin10

A blue 1969 Shleby Mustang Cobra GT500 screeches into the outdoor parking area and dust from dry soil is flung into the air covering the other vehicles parked in the area in a thin light coat.  Taking up two parking spaces as, the blue sports car comes to a halt.  As the cloud of dust settles, the door opens and out steps the LLP World Champion, Colton Charles Cai Cobb.  The door to the passenger side of the car then opens and out steps a hooded figure.

Colton Charles Cai Cobb:  "Well this is the place where we'll be wrestling tonight...  I'm sure that with you I'll  be able to also procure the tag team titles and thus exert dominance over this federation."

The hooded figure nods.  C4 gestures for his tag team partner to follow.

Colton Charles Cai Cobb:  "C'mon, let me show you around the place.  I'm sure you're excited to get into your wrestling gear.  This will mark your departure from the independent scene and into mainstream wrestling.  What better way to debut by taking the tag titles."

The arrogant champion and his companion walks towards the RV trailers serving as locker rooms as the scene slowly fades to black.

Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 Separa10
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The Morbidly Obese Man
The Morbidly Obese Man

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PostSubject: Re: Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012   Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 25, 2015 7:12 am

Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 Locker10




Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 Separa10

Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 Chasm10 VS Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 Crusad10

Chasm VS Crusade

Jim Jackson:  "Our next match is Chasm's return match...  And he's going against the wrestler who injured him, Crusade!"

Mick Mooney:  "Dude, this will be like Awesome!  The last time these two met, Chasm like won but Crusade went ahead and injured him costing him a possible title shot."

Jasmine Lee:  "Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a singles match scheduled for one fall.  Introducing first standing at 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing in at 220 pounds, hailing from Ontario, London...  CHASM!"

The lights fade drawing the crowd to a hush.  The wolf howls as the wind whispered across the mountains.  Chasm makes his way through the audience leaping over the barricade with a quick flourish to the crowd, Chasm slides into the ring.

Jasmine Lee:  "Introducing next, his opponent for the evening, standing at 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing in at 220 pounds, hailing from the pearly gates...  CRUSADE!"

A loud, eerie chanting begins to chime through the big house before The Beast (Evangelion 2.0 soundtrack) begins to play. After a moment Crusade shambles out onto the ring ramp, his matted hair nearly covering his face as he makes his way to the ring. The zealot is wearing a plain blue jean shorts along with wrestling boots, he is bare chested, showing off the tattoo of a cross on his chest. Once near the ring he rolls in, quickly making his way to the back end of the ring to await the start of the match.

Jasmine Lee:  "The referee for the match is Jack B. Nimble!  LET THE ACTION BEGIN!"

Jim Jackson:  "And there's the bell!  Both wrestlers lunge at each other right off the bat!  It looks like the gloves are off!  Both wrestlers are throwing punches like it's the end of the world!  No one is holding back!  Crusade manages to dodge a big right by Chasm and quickly counters with a spinning backfist!  Chasm staggers back!  Crusade hits a flying kick on Chasm. Crusade scores with a face jam. Cover!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two..."

Mick Mooney:  "Whoa!  Chasm like kicked out at two!  Crusade needs to do more than that to pin the veteran..."

Jim Jackson:  "Crusade has Chasm in a hammerlock...  Chasm reverses it!  Crusade lunges forward and uses his free hand to grip on the ropes, Chasm bounces backwards and loses his grip!  Crusade charges in...  Right into a big boot by Chasm!  Big rights by Chasm connects!  Fallaway slam by Chasm.  Chasm for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two..."

Mick Mooney:  "Only a two!  Looks like that Crusade dude still needs more softening up.  Oh!  Chasm throws a right!  Blocked by Crusade who counters with his own right...  Blocked by Chasm!  It's one of the I block your punch you block my punch routine!  Awesome!"

Jim Jackson:  "Chasm breaks the routine with a big knee to the gut.  Irish whip sends Crusade to the ropes...  Clothesline takes Crusade down.  Chasm from the second rope...  Leg drop connects!  Chasm is not done...  He picks Crusade up...  Standing spinebuster!  Chasm hooks the leg..."

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two..."

Mick Mooney:  "That Crusade dude kicks out at two, Chasm looks surprised!  Chasm grabs Crusade...  Crusade reverses the hammerlock!  Crusade is like putting the pressure on that hammerlock..."

Jim Jackson:  "Back elbow connects, Crusade staggers backward. Chasm goes for a hip toss but Crusade reverses it. Reverse DDT on Chasm.  Crusade quickly goes for a submission!  He's going for an armbar!  Chasm manages to pull free before it gets locked in!  Enziguri by Crusade connects!  Backbreaker by Crusade!  Crusade for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two..."

Mick Mooney:  "Chasm kicks out!  Chasm staggers to the ropes...  Looks like that backbreaker took the wind out of Chasm!  Crusade charges in...  Whoa!  Chasm ducks down pulling the ropes and Crusade goes over the top rope!"

Jim Jackson:  "Crusade lands on the apron!  Enziguri from the apron connects!  Chasm staggers back...  Crusade jumps back into the ring!  Face crusher from Crusade on Chasm. Back suplex on Chasm.  Chasm is in trouble!  Crusade goes in for the kill!  Crusade gets taken down out of nowhere. Flying elbow from Chasm. Massive lariat."

Mick Mooney:  "WHOA!  That lariat took Crusade over the top rope and into the outside!  Chasm goes out to follow!  Crusade tries to get back up but Chasm is on to him with a load of punches!  This is totally awesome!"

Jim Jackson:  "Crusade manages to fight Chasm off!  Crusade grabs a steel chair!  The ref gives him a warning!  Crusade ignores it and holds the chair menacingly!  CHASM ALSO GRABS A STEEL CHAIR!  The ref also gives Chasm a warning.  Instead of starting the ten count the ref is trying to get both men to drop the steel chairs!"

Mick Mooney:  "You can't stop the wave man, you have to ride the wave!  WHOA!!! CHASM AND CRUSADE GO AT EACH OTHER WITH THE STEEL CHAIR!  This is like LEGENDARY!  They are like parrying each other with the steel chairs!  It's like watching a wonderfully choreographed swordplay only like with chairs!  The crowd is on their feet!  Wait is that the bell?!"

Jasmine Lee:  "Ladies and gentlemen the following match is declared a draw due to double disqualification!"

Jim Jackson:  "Lost in the heat of the battle both men attacked each other with illegal objects, the referee had no choice but to call the double DQ!"

Mick Mooney:  "WHOA!  The bell didn't stop the battle!  Both men are still chair fighting!  They are going down the aisle and right into the back!  Looks like their battle is far from over!"

Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 Separa10

Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 Backst10

The camera opens to a empty hallway where only one man stands, that man is the stranger. He slowly begins walking towards the camera.

Stranger: "The time has come for me to reveal myself."

The man turns around and begins to remove the clothing hiding his identity when suddenly the camera turns to static.

Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 Separa10

The camera pans up to show Ray Kamaura opening the door to his rather large, rustic style RV. When the door opens a few trinkets can be seen sitting on a table. Ray Kamaura, dressed in a fine suede suit and slicked back hair, steps down in front of the camera and proceeds to open his mouth.

Ray Kamaura: "Raven Connoly. Raven Connoly is my opponent for the night and I can tell you that I'm extremely happy about that. Who better to prove my dominance against than the Last ULOL Primo Ultimo Champion. When I am done with Raven tonight, The world will see she is a has been like her father. I remember beating that old leather bag of bones until he couldn't move."

Ray Kamaura stops and with an empty stair he scratches his head. He looks around at all the other RV's but see's nothing he is interested in.

Ray Kamaura: "Come to think of it, I'm not happy about my match tonight. Couldn't Marcus Troy think of anyone better for me to fight? I am surprised. Troy normally books some great matches, but tonight he booked me in a very easy match. I guess i should save my strength for the sad excuse for a champion, C4. Four words to describe him would be, Coward, chump, Child, but most of all Champion. He is our champion...for now."

Ray Kamaura steps into his RV and slams the door shut. The mirror falls off.

Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 Separa10

Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 Raven13 VS Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 Kamaur11

Raven Connoly VS Ray Kamaura

Jim Jackson:  "Well next on the plate we have Raven Connoly going against Ray Kamaura...  This will be like David versus Goliath!"

Mick Mooney:  "Only that David has boobs and a pussy instead of a wang."

Jasmine Lee:  "Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a singles match scheduled for one fall.  Introducing first standing at 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighing in at 141 pounds, hailing from Chicago, Illinois...  RAVEN CONNOLY!"

Smoke begins to bellow from the entrance as 'Living Dead Girl' by Rob Zombie plays over the speakers. After a few moments Raven Connoly emerges from the smoke. She looks around the big top tent at the fans, she then throws her fist in the air and lets out a battle cry. Raven runs down the aisle and slides into the ring. She climbs up the turnbuckle and throws her fist in the air and screams again, before doing a back flip and landing in the center of the ring.

Jasmine Lee:  "Introducing next, her opponent for the evening, standing in at 7 feet 1 inch tall and weighing in at 350 pounds, hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania...  RAY KAMAURA!"

"Sound Of Madness" by Shinedown starts to play as Ray Kamaura begins striding towards the ring. His seven foot frame towers over everything until he comes to the apron. Ray grabs the top rope and steps onto the ring then over the ropes into the ring. He swiftly moves to a turnbuckle and climbs it raises on arm into the air.

Jasmine Lee:  "The referee for the match is Jack B. Nimble.  LET THE ACTION BEGIN!"

Jim Jackson:  "And there's the bell!  Raven Connoly goes in first and attacks the leg of the giant with a series of leg kicks...  Ray Kamaura manages to block the last kick and grabs on to Raven!  Raven gets slammed.  Raven staggers back up... Raven gets slammed again!   Raven is not having a good start...  Raven gets back up again... Kamaura is there!  Kamaura slams Raven Connoly down....  Again!"

Mick Mooney:  "Looks like the crowd is booing, they want Kamaura to use other moves...  But hey, if it ain't broke, why fix it?  Those slams do the job."

Jim Jackson:  "Ray Kamaura lifts Raven Connoly on his shoulders...  Raven manages to slip down behind Kamaura!  Back elbow connects, Raven staggers backward.   Kamaura tries to grab Raven...  Raven dodges and kicks Kamaura in the gut to reverse the momentum. Raven hits a dropkick on Kamaura. Raven hits a high kick on Kamaura.  Springboard flying knee from Raven hits the giant on the jaw!  Kamaura goes down!  Raven for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two..."

Mick Mooney:  "The big dude gets a shoulder up at two...  Too bad for that Raven chick...  The longer this match goes, the harder it will be for her to take Kamaura down..."

Jim Jackson:  "Raven Connoly jumps to the ropes... Springboard hurricane DDT...  NO!  Kamaura shoves Raven off him!  Big right connects! Massive backbreaker, Raven got planted. Cover!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two..."

Mick Mooney:  "Raven with a foot up on the bottom rope!  That like totally saved her from the three!  Kamaura has Raven up on his shoulders, we're gonna see another slam and the crowd ain't happy..."

Jim Jackson:  "Raven Connoly holds on to the top rope and manages to slip off Ray Kamaura's shoulder!  A very high kick stuns Kamaura!  Irish whip by Raven sends Kamaura to the ropes...  Kamaura bounces back!  Raven with a dropkick to the knees and Kamaura goes down and skids his face on the canvas!"


Jim Jackson:  "Chasm quickly helps Raven Connoly back up to her feet.  Chasm grabs a steel chair again...  Raven also grabs a steel chair...  Crusade staggers back to his feet...  He sees both Chasm and Raven...  Crusade grabs a chair in each hand and stands his ground!  THE BATTLE CONTINUES!!!  This time Chasm and Raven are throwing chair shots at Crusade!  Crusade is parrying them while backing off!  All three wrestlers are disappear to the back!  Ray Kamaura is left inside the ring as the referee counts to ten!"

Mick Mooney:  "Raven gets counted out!"

Jasmine Lee:  "Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match as a result of a count out...  RAY KAMAURA!"

Jim Jackson:  "Wow...  I totally didn't see that one coming, looks like Raven's anger towards Crusade got the best of her tonight."

Mick Mooney:  "You can say that again...  Crusade certainly got his hands full with Chasm and Raven going after him!"

Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 Separa10
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The Morbidly Obese Man
The Morbidly Obese Man

Posts : 2990
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Age : 43

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Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012   Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 25, 2015 7:13 am

Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 Locker10

Bob Bobbie flexes his arms and twists his wrists around while Dr. Booboo B. Gone inspects it and his tag team partner Christy Chase looks on anticipating the doctor's diagnosis.

Bob Bobbie: "So what's the final diagnosis doc?  Am I good?"

The doctor puts down Bob Bobbie's arm and faces the duo, the grin that appeared on  his face spoke volumes as Bob Bobbie and Christy Chase sighs in relief.

Dr. Booboo B. Gone:  "You're good to go Bob, in fact I would say that you ARE at 100 percent tonight.  I'm glad you took my advice two weeks ago and gave your arm time to heal."

Bob Bobbie scratches his head sheepishly giving a side-glance to his partner.

Bob Bobbie: "Well I couldn't really let my partner down can I?  This is a chance of a lifetime and it wouldn't be fair to Christy here if I go into the match still injured."

The doctor nods as he grabs his doctor's bag and prepares to exit the room.

Dr. Booboo B. Gone:  "Well good luck in your title match, both of you...  I'll be rooting for you two tonight."

Dr. Booboo B. Gone leaves the trailer leaving both wrestlers alone.

Christy Chase settles down on a seat inside Bob Bobbie's trailer.

Christy Chase:  "Well that takes a load off our shoulders.  I'm glad you're all healed up.  So partner ready to make history and be LLP's first ever tag team champions?"

Christy Chase extends out her hand towards Bob Bobbie who accepts it enthusiastically as the scene fades to black.

Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 Separa10

Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 Backst10

The scene opens backstage where we see Penelope Garcia standing beside two of LLP's top superstars, Alexander Conway and The Morbidly Obese Man.

Penelope Garcia:  "Good evening, tonight we have the pleasure of interviewing the newly formed team of Alexander Conway and The Morbidly Obese Man.  Good evening gentlemen, first of all I heard a rumor that you both have finally decided on a tag team name, any chance of sharing it to the fans before the match?"

The Morbidly Obese Man steps forward and takes the mic.

The Morbidly Obese Man:  "Well chica, of course we wouldn't mind sharing our tag team name to the fans.  Me and Conway here have decided to go with EXCELLENCE, INC. Pretentious you may say?  Nay, we settled on a name that best describes this team up.  Two men who exhibit the best talent here in LLP.  I am the best brawler here while Conway is the best technical wrestler, between us we ooze excellence in every way possible and with that excellence, tonight we shall claim the tag team titles as we beat the two other teams who made the unfortunate decision to stand in our way."

The voluptuous interviewer nods and prods on with her questions.

Penelope Garcia:  "Well, many critics speculate that your team up will not last, that there is friction between the two of you.  What do you say to that?"

The big wrestler sneers in disgust.

The Morbidly Obese Man:  "Critics are nothing more than people who think they know better than everyone else when all they know are nothing but shit.  Me and Conway here see the bigger picture, we are willing to put our differences aside and work together for a common goal.  We are smart enough to know how beneficial this partnership is to both of us unlike some so-called critics out there."

Penelope Garcia looks at Alexander Conway who has so far been quiet and proceeds with her next question.

Penelope Garcia:  "Well certainly the team-up of you both sent shockwaves in the world of wrestling.  Any words for your fellow competitors for the tag titles tonight?"

The big wrestler shrugs.

The Morbidly Obese Man:  "Maybe my partner will want to say something...  Conway?"

The interviewer waits for Conway to reply.

Alexander Conway: “My partner’s shrug really says all that needs to be said, our opponents aren’t really worth any more words.  On one hand, we have the inexperienced team of Christy Chase and…Bob Bobbie.”

Alexander snickers at the mentioning of Bobbie’s name.

Alexander Conway: “Those two have almost no clue as to what they should be doing in-between those ropes.  The name “New Blood” fits them well.  On the other hand, we have Colton Charles Cai Cobb and his mystery partner.  Now Colton is trying to make us all think that his tag team partner is actually someone with some talent, but let’s face it, if he’s teaming with Colton he probably has no talent, lives in some run-down home, and is just looking for the easy cash.  What other reason would someone have for teaming up with that asshole?”

Despite a questioning look, it’s apparent that the question is rhetorical.

Alexander Conway: “So if I had to tell you what we’d say to the other teams, I’d have to suggest for them to stay in the back, because all they are going to receive tonight is pain and humiliation when they step into that ring with Excellence, Inc.  Like my partner said, this isn’t just a name, it’s the truth of what we bring to that ring and our opponents are going to find that out the hard way.  Although, I would tell Colton that he should watch this match closely while he isn’t being demolished, because this is simply a precursor to the future for him.  Sooner or later, either The Morbidly Obese Man or I will get a shot at you, Colton, and whichever one of us it is will defeat you in a manner that will be very reminiscent to tonight…dominate.”  

Alexander’s gaze turns away from Penelope Garcia and falls on something off screen.  After a brief moment, Alexander looks back at Penelope.

Alexander Conway: “As much as I would love to stand here and talk, Excellence, Inc. has a match to win.  Come on TMOM, quit staring at the girl’s chest and let’s go.”

After receiving a smack to the head from his tag team partner for the comment, Alexander Conway and The Morbidly Obese Man walk out of the frame, leaving Penelope Garcia alone to wonder if The Morbidly Obese Man was really staring at her chest or not.

Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 Separa10


Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 Conway11Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 Tmom10 VS Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 Double10Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 Chase10 VS Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 C412Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 Vera10

Excellence, Inc. VS The Rookies VS Royals of Wrestling

Jim Jackson:  "Well next we have our main event for the evening...  The tag team title match!"

Mick Mooney:  "Which will be totally awesome!  But before we begin, our esteemed general manager will reveal what our next match is."

Suddenly the big screen comes to life as the projector starts to show the image of the general manager of LLP, Marcus Troy on the screen.

Marcus Troy:  "Forgive me for not making a live appearance but I have important matters to handle elsewhere which requires my attention.  This is a pre-recorded message...  Anyway, the match for tonight will be a three-way tag team TABLES LADDER AND CHAIRS MATCH FOR THE LLP TAG TEAM TITLES!  Good luck to all of you!"

The projector whirls to a stop as the crowd is suddenly abuzz with excitement with Marcus Troy's announcement.

Jasmine Lee:  "Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a three-way tag team tables, ladders and chairs match.  Introducing  the first team with a combined weight of over 800 pounds, the team of Alexander Conway and The Morbidly Obese Man...  EXCELLENCE, INC.!"

"Junkies for Fame" by Shinedown blasts over the arena as Alexander Conway steps out from the backstage of LLP. He stops on the aisle and holds a fist into the air as a series of pyrotechnics explode behind him. Once they subside, Conway pulls his vest off and tosses it onto the ground as he walks to the ring.


"Weird Al" Yankovic's "Eat It" starts blasting from from the speakers and the earth reverberated and shook as the monstrosity known as The Morbidly Obese Man stepped out from behind the curtains and makes his way into the ring.

Jasmine Lee:  "Introducing next, with a combined weight of 335 pounds, the team of Bob Bobbie and Christy Chase...  THE ROOKIES!"

The main theme for Star Wars starts to play as Bob Bobbie rushed out from the back in thick rimmed glasses, a white short sleeved polo shirt with a clip on polka-dot tie, slacks and leather shoes. Suddenly the song breaks and "Chasing the Dream" by Alex Kassel starts playing on the speakers as Christy Chase also comes out from the back.  Together The Rookies make their way down the aisle and into the ring.

Jasmine Lee:  "Introducing last, weighing in a total of 460 pounds, the team of Colton Charles Cai Cobb and Vera...  ROYALS OF WRESTLING!"

Bond's "Explosive" starts blaring out of the speakers as the silhouette of the penultimate wrestler, covered in smoke and with a light show on, Colton Charles Cai Cobb is seen as the curtain rises with his back facing the crowd.  Coming out beside him is a big female wrestler, Vera. Colton Charles Cai Cobb turns around with a smirk on his face and an air of arrogance as he and Vera make their way to the ring ignoring the loud boos which echo the ringside. They enter the ring, flexes and stretches waiting for the match to begin.

Jasmine Lee:  "The referee for the match is Jack B. Nimble!  LET THE ACTION BEGIN!"

Jim Jackson:  "Well we have 2 surprises already and the match hadn't even started yet.  First is Marcus Troy's announcement...  The crew is bringing in tables, ladders and chairs to the ringside while the belts are now suspended 25 feet in the air.  And next, who would have thought that Colton Charles Cai Cobb would choose a woman?"

Mick Mooney:  "But look at the size of that girl...  She's like a dude...  With boobs!  There's the bell!"

Jim Jackson:  "It's utter chaos inside the ring as all six wrestlers go at it!  Driven DDT by Alexander Conway takes down the Colton Charles Cai Cobb!  Bob Bobbie faces The Morbidly Obese Man...  Massive backbreaker, Double B got planted. Double B rolls outside...  TMOM follows!  TMOM and Double B brawl outside, and are heading this way!  They climb unto the announcers desk...  And TMOM destroys both the table and Double B with a piledriver!"

Mick Mooney:  "I'm like still in shock that the table was able to hold both TMOM and and Bob Bobbie until that piledriver!"

Jim Jackson:  "Vera hits a bulldog off the ropes plants Christy Chase into the mat!  Driven DDT by Alexander Conway on Vera like what he did to her partner!  Conway sets a ladder up on the ropes...  Alexander Conway blasts Chase with a slingshot into the ladder.  The Morbidly Obese Man pulls Colton Charles Cai Cobb out of the ring and blasts him with a chair shot!"

Mick Mooney:  "Whoa!  Looks like Excellence, Inc. has things in control this early...  Conway sets up a ladder!  He's starting the climb...  CHRISTY CHASE WITH AN AWESOME SPRINGBOARD CORKSCREW KICK KICKS CONWAY OFF THE LADDER!"

Jim Jackson:  "Clothesline by Vera takes Christy Chase down!  Vera hits a bulldog off the ropes and again plants Christy Chase to the canvas!  The Morbidly Obese Man pulls Vera to the outside...  HE SLAMS HER INTO A TABLE!  Bob Bobbie slips back into the ring but his legs are still jelly after the piledriver through our desk...  Flying back elbow off the top rope by Alexander Conway."

Mick Mooney:  "WHOA!  That like took Bob Bobbie inside out!  Double B is like doubled over!"

Jim Jackson:  "Flying chair shot by Colton Charles Cai Cobb from the top rope takes Alexander Conway down!  C4 turns around...  TMOM takes him down with a ladder shot!  Vera slips back into the ring with a steel chair...  She goes for TMOM's knees!  TMOM goes down and Vera smashes the chair over his head!"

Mick Mooney:  "Oh man!  The big kahuna is down!  Vera is like setting up a ladder!  Vera is like climbing up the ladder... Christy Chase shoves the ladder and it falls down throwing Vera outside... RIGHT INTO ANOTHER TABLE!!!  DUDE!!!  THAT IS LIKE LEGENDARY!!!"

Jim Jackson:  "Alexander Conway grabs Christy Chase...  Bob Bobbie to the rescue!  Bob Bobbie scoops up Conway. Chase bounces off the ropes and hits a flying Hart Attack clothesline.  The Rookies with a double back heel kick off the second rope, TMOM goes down.  Double B hits a high kick on Colton Charles Cai Cobb.  Chase finishes it off with a springboard moonsault!"

Mick Mooney:  "What the?  That Vera chick is a monster...  She's actually back up after going through the table?  She sneaks back into the ring just as Bob Bobbie sets up the ladder..."

Jim Jackson:  "Vera rams Bob Bobbie into the ladder. Christy Chase with a springboard crossbody...  Caught by Vera!  Bodyslam by Vera.  Vera is still not done...    Vera slams Christy Chase onto the table. Alexander Conway blasts Vera with a super kick.  Vera falls over the top rope!  Back elbow connects, at Colton Charles Cai Cobb who staggers backward.  The Morbidly Obese Man grabs C4 and throws him over the top rope right into Vera!  TMOM grabs Double B and Chase and drags them outside...  He stacks The Rookies right beside The Royals of Wrestling...  AND HE LAYS DOWN ON TOP OF ALL FOUR WRESTLERS PINNING THEM OUTSIDE!!!!"

Mick Mooney:  "OH MY GOD!!!  THAT IS GENIUS!!!  Alexander Conway sets up the ladder and climbs to the top unhindered!  He unclasps the tag titles...  WE HAVE NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!!"

Jasmine Lee:  "Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match and NEW LLP TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, the team of Alexander Conway and The Morbidly Obese Man...  EXCELLENCE, INC.!!!"

Jim Jackson:  "Oh wow....  I totally didn't see that one coming...  That's a good strategy by The Morbidly Obese Man..."

Mick Mooney:  "TMOM enters the ring as Conway hands him his belt..."

The arena goes dark.

Jim Jackson: "What the hell is happening?"

Mick Mooney: "I'm not sure...  Maybe it's that Stranger dude. The one wearing that black cloak."

Jim Jackson:  "We saw that he was about to reveal himself but then it cut out. Do you think he is coming out here?  That will  be a bad idea to disrupt the celebration of Excellence, Inc."

Mick Mooney: "Only one way to find out..."

The lights in the arena go dim, Suddenly Blind Guardian's "A Voice in the Dark" begins to blast throughout the arena and green, red and blue lighting shine in rhythm to music. Smoke begins to cover the aisle. The crowd erupt as The Stranger makes his way out to the entrance stage and his true identity known. He stands on the middle of the aisle and looks out to the crowd. As The Stranger shouts, pyro goes off at the top of the stage to resemble the breath of dragons. The crowd is still going mad much to the chagrin of the new tag team champions.

Jim Jackson:  "Its!! Its Allister King!! Allister King has arrived in Lucha Libre Puroresu!!!"

Mick Mooney: "The crowd can't control themselves! The sound in this arena is deafening!!"

Jim Jackson: "I don't think anyone knew who he was here!"

Allister grabs a microphone.

Mick Mooney:  "He is grabbing a microphone. He must have something to say."

Allister signals for the crowd to lower their voice as he is about to speak.

Allister King: "HAIL TO THE KING!"

Allister drops the microphone and begins to leave.

Jim Jackson: "Looks like LLP has a new member to the roster, and right off the bat, he crossed the wrong people..."

Mick Mooney: "That he has... Allister King has joined LLP and landed himself on the crosshairs of Excellence, Inc. for stealing their moment...  I wouldn't want to be him...  That's like a total bummer what he did, totally uncool..."

Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 Separa10

Jim Jackson: "What a show, what a show...  The twists in tonight's show definitely kept us at the edge of our seats..."

Mick Mooney: "You got that right...  I mean not only do we have new tag champs we also have the return of Allister King to the ring...  Man, things will only get crazier from here on in...  This is definitely a LEGENDARY night of wrestling..."

Jim Jackson: "Unfortunately it's time to draw things to a close so until next time, good night and good fight!"

Banzai Ultimo 06/10/2012 Separa10
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