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 Whats going on in you're TEW/EWR Game?

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TK Kenta

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PostSubject: Whats going on in you're TEW/EWR Game?   Mon Jan 23, 2012 5:16 am

TEW and EWR are wrestling simulation games made my Adam Ryland, it is where you own a promotion and act like the boss, so you get to say what goes and what not goes.

This is where you guys can just talk about what is going on in your games wether it is TEW or EWR, you can talk about the news, your fed, matches and stuff like that stuff.
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TK Kenta

Posts : 72
Join date : 2011-05-21
Age : 23

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PostSubject: Re: Whats going on in you're TEW/EWR Game?   Mon Jan 23, 2012 5:36 am

I'm playing TEW with TNA, and here is my roster and my Genesis PPV results.

Main Event:
AJ Styles
Jeff Hardy
Mr. Anderson
Rob Can Dam
Samoa Joe
Bobby Roode (TNA Champion)
Jeff Jarrett
Kurt Angle

Upper Midcarder:
James Storm
Rob Terry
Bully Ray
Gunner (w/Ric Flair)

Alex Shelley
Brian Kendrick
Chris Sabin
D'Angelo Dinero
Eric Young
Jesse Sorensen
Matt Morgan
Petey Williams
Shannon Moore
Austin Aries (X-Division Champion)
Daniels (Television Champion)
Hernandez (w/Mexica America)
Jerry Lynn
Robbie E
Scott Steiner

Garrett Bishoff
Mark Haskin
Douglas Williams
Kid Kash

Anthony Nese
Zema Ion

Mickie James
Velvet Sky
Brook Tessmacher
Traci Brooks
Angelina Love
Gail Kim
Madison Rayne

TNA Heavyweight Championship:
Current Champion: Bobby Roode
1st - Bobby Roode
-- AJ Styles

TNA Television Championship:
Current Champion: Daniels
1st- Robbie E
2nd - Eric Young
3rd - Daniels

TNA Knockout Championship:
Current Champion: Gail Kim
1st - Gail Kim

TNA X-Division Championship:
Current Champion: Austin Aries
1st - Austin Aries
- Defeated:
-- Brian Kendrick

TNA World Tag Team Championship:
Current Champion: The British Invasion
1st - Crimson/Morgan
2nd - The British Invasion

TNA Knockout Tag Team Championship:
Current Champion: Gail Kim & Madison Rayne
1st - Kim/Rayne

Genesis - Week 2, January
Against All Odds - Week 2, February
Victory Road - Week 2, March
Lockdown - Week 2, April
Sacrifice - Week 2, May
Slammiversary - Week 2, June
Destination X - Week 2, July
Hardcore Justice - Week 2, August
No Surrender - Week 2, September
Bound for Glory - Week 2, October
Turning Point - Week 2, November
Final Resolution - Week 2, December

Against All Odds Match Card:

TNA Championship:
Bobby Roode (C) vs Samoa Joes

Pre Show:

Rob Terry vs Robbie E

Winner: Rob Terry
Pinned Robbie E with the Freakbuster.

In-Game Match Time: 8:10
Grade: C

Mark Haskin vs Anothony Nese:

Winner: Mark Haskin
Won the match with a superkick.

In-Game Match Time:
Grade: E

After the match Nese Shoke hands with Haskins, which turns him face.

Grade: F


Gauntlet: Team X TNA vs Team X Japan vs Team X Mexico vs Team X Canada

1. Johnny Devine - Super Crazy
2. Dropkick Murphy - Alex Shelley
3. Jesse Sorensen - CIMA
4. Naruki Doi - Eric Young
5. Pierrothito - Chris Sabin
6. Chris Sabin - Averno
7. Averno - Alex Shelley
8. CIMA - Super Crazy
9. Ultimo Dragon - Eric Young
10. Alex Shelley - Eric Young
11. Eric Young - Super Crazy
Winner: Super Crazy (Team X Mexico)

In-Game Time: 27:31
Grade: C

Bristish Invasion ask Sting for a Tag Tile shot against Crimson/Morgan and get it.

Grade: B+

TNA Tag Team Championship Match:
British Invasion vs (C) Matt Morgan and Crimson:

Winners: British Invasion (Douglas Williams and Magnus)
The Brits won the match after Magnus used the Tormentum.

In-Game Time: 9:57
Grade: C+

Strip Match:
Mickie James & T.N.T vs Rayne/Kim & ODB

Winners: James & TNT
After James stripped Rayne of her cloths.

In-Game Time: 9:34
Grade: C

Sting annoucned that Kurt Angle, James Storm, RVD and Samoa Joes will face each other to face Bobby Roode at Against All Odds.

Grade: A

TNA Championship 1# Contenders Match:
Kurt Angle vs James Storm vs RVD vs Samoa Joes

Winner: Samoa Joes
Joe won the match when he made Kurt Angle Tap out to the Rear-Naked Choke.

In-Game Time: 12:34
Grade: A

TNA X-Division Championship:
Austin Aries (C) vs Brian Kendrick

Winner: Austin Aries
Aries retained the Title when he gave Brian Kendrick a Brainbuster.

In-Game Time: 8:29
Grade: C+

TNA Television Championship:
Eric Young (C) vs Daniels

Winner: Daniels
Daniels won the belt when he gave Eric Young an Angel's Wing

In-Game Time: 7:08
Grade: B+

World X Cup
Ultimate X Match:
Kazarian (Team X TNA Captain) vs Taka Michinoku ( Team X Japan Captain) vs Jutventud Gurrerra (Team X Mexico Captain) vs Petey Williams (Team X Canada Captain)

Winner: Petey Williams
Williams won when he retreved the the cup hanging from the overhead wires, During the match Kazarian hit the Wave to the Future on Taka Michinoku from the top of the overhead wires and Petey Williams dropped from the wires and gave Gurrerra a Canadian Destroyer.

In-Game Time: 20:58
Grade: C+

Bobby Roode talked about his match with AJ and he says it after tonight a new era will arrive.

Grade: A

TNA Championship:
Bobby Roode (C) vs AJ Styles

Winner: Bobby Roode
Roode retained after Aries, Daniels and the British Invason came out and attacked AJ Styles.

In Game Time: 43:44
Grade: A

Total Grade: B+
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Whats going on in you're TEW/EWR Game?
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