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 Lucha Loco 12/18/11

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Raven Connoly
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Lower Midcarder
Raven Connoly

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Lucha Loco 12/18/11 Luchal10

Jim Jackson: "Good evening folks and after an unfortunate 2 week hiatus Lucha Loco returns. We had quite an eventful Aquí Está Tu Premio Puta! and the fall out has caused more then a little upheaval here at ULOL!"

Brad Blood: "You can say that again, let's just say the locker room was not happy with some of the events that happened at the PPV, mainly Raven becoming the new ULOL Primo Champion. We had walkouts, riots, pirates taking over the show, gorillas, an omnipotent, and that's just the beginning! Man, it was crazy the past 3 weeks!"

Jim Jackson: "Indeed it was, but Marcus Troy and Eunice P Winslow seem to have finally put out the fires and put everything back to normal, well as normal as they can be here. So Ladies and Gentleman, finally, the return of Lucha Loco!"

Lucha Loco 12/18/11 Ulol_b10

Lucha Loco 12/18/11 Ulol_r10

'Map Of The Problematique' by Muse starts playing throughout the arena, the crowd immediately erupts in boo's and chants of 'Raven Sucks!'. Raven Connoly walks out and walks to the edge of the stage. She holds the ULOL Primo Ultimo and the ULOL Campeón no Masculino above her head, she leans her head back as fireworks go off behind her. She looks back up and scans the arena as an evil smile crawls across her face. She tosses a belt over each shoulder and makes her way to the ring. The crowd continues to show their disapproval as Raven slides into the ring.

Raven Connoly: "My oh my, such disrespect for your new ULOL Primo Ultimo Champion. You should be in awe at the Wrestling Goddess that stands before you."

The crowd continues to scream and show their disgust, screaming comments that simply should not be repeated.

Raven Connoly: "I mean is it really a surprise to anyone that this happened? I'm the best there is, the only one here who deserves to wear this belt. Aquí Está Tu Premio Puta! was crawling with a bunch of ignorant celebrities handing out a bunch of stupid little gold awards that don't mean a damn thing, to a bunch of ULOL superstars who mean even less. Meanwhile, I walked away with two pieces of gold that say more than any of those statues could say. They prove what I've been telling you all along, that I am truly the best their is in this business, a Goddess among mortals."

Connoly just smiles as the crowd gets louder and louder.

Raven: "Now I'm sure there's a few whiny bitches back in the locker room who want to come out here and whine about how they got robbed, or cheated, that I don't deserve to be champion, blah, blah, blah. Well, if there is anyone back there who has something to say, let's get it over with so we can all accept this and move on."

Raven pauses and looks at the stage waiting to see if anyone emerges.

"Circle of life" from Kamen Rider Kiva hits the speakers suddenly as the lights in the arena begin flashing on and off. As soon as the first lyric is sung Shogun walks out from behind the curtain holding the Correa Grande Del Oro De Shogun over his shoulder. A look of disgust coats his face as he walks down to the ring, not slapping any hands on his way down. Shogun rolls into the ring and takes a mic from a ring hand before speaking.

Shogun:In case you were too busy expanding your ego to notice your father was gravely hurt in our championship match at the PPV. He is about as badly hurt as I have ever seen anybody in this business yet instead of showing any form of concern at all you just came out here to gloat over your new paper championship? Not only that but you have the nerve to call yourself a Goddess? Really? Imitation may be a wonderful form of flattery but i am certainly not impressed.

Shogun:I'm not sure what has taken over your brain Raven but it is going to lead you down a path that leads to me in the end. Troy may have cost your father his career by pitting the two of us against each other yet you really don't care about your father do you? You were probably hoping that I would hurt him by mistake. I mean let's look at it this way. You had your father put in a submission match with a master of the figure four leg lock while he had an injured leg! obviously you were hoping that your own father would be taken out.

Shogun spits at Raven's feet.

Shogun:You disgust me. I honestly hope that you come after this belt of mine now. Because I won't have to worry about accidentally breaking you in two Raven. It won't be an accident...

Cher's "Believe" start playing on the loud speakers as PINK lights start to flash above the entrance ramp. A light mist is released from the ground carrying the scent of lavender as the transsexual wrestler Boy Bakla leaps out from the back wearing a pink tank top and pink hot pants. Stopping at the top of the entrance ramp, Boy Bakla raises up a mic while staring down on Raven.

Boy Bakla: "I never thought I would agree with Shoggie over there but you are not a goddess, the only one who deserves to be called a goddess is moi! Last week was supposed to be my time, but you and your bitch Troy took that from me. I'm sorry Shoggie but if anyone has the rights for first dibs at Raven over there, it should be me."

Bakla starts to traverse down the ramp and stops right outside the ring.

Boy Bakla: "Listen here girlfriend, you think your little screw job is the end of things, well hell hath no fury like a tranny scorned! I want my title and I'll do anything to get it. You think humping Troy will give you protection? Think again. You've awakened the ultimate bitch and this bitch is gonna bitch slap you to kingdom come."

"Ninja" by Machinae Supremacy echoes throughout the arena as Yuki Monotomo heads toward the ring as well, microphone in hand. He motions for his music to be cut off. Ignoring Bakla, he gives a bow to Shogun and stares Raven down.

Yuki: "Really? If everyone is coming out here for Raven's titles, hell, I'd like one. Primo Ultimo specifically. I can't believe I got beat out here by Shogun and Balka. But seriously, you give a little in the bedroom and get whatever you like, correct?"

Yuki pauses for a moment, but then talks before Raven even has a chance to reply.

Yuki: "Correct. So, you're better than us? A goddess? Listen babe, you have got no right to be saying all those things. I got a trinket from Allister King, but that's about it. We had a grueling ladder match and Andrew Hunter deserved that title. But you had to come out here and take what was rightfully his. I may be an ass, I may be a womanizer, I may be a man-whore, I may be a dick, but I have honor. Something you lost."

Yuki: "You used to be a favorite of this crowd and now they boo you! So hell! I agree with them! "Raven sucks!" And what she sucks is the boss's cock to get what she wants. What's next? Are you going to grab all the title using Troy's power? I don't want to stand for this. I stood on Troy's side to keep these people entertained before, now I'll stand against him to entertain them."

The female-loving ninja turns to the crowd before looking back at Raven.

Yuki: "I'm going back to the DWMA, and we're going to put a stop to this before you snatch up all the titles with your snatch. I'm back baby!"

Yuki flips off Raven before turning around to leave shouting "SEE YA REAL SOON!" to her.

Allister King walks out and stops Yuki before he leaves

Allister King: Hey Hey Hey. What ya mean little trinket? Like everyone else you didn't pick up the second part of you prize. Here you go

Allister hands Yuki a check

Allister King: The second part of the prize was a check for 5 thousand. now that's all i have to say about that

Allister leaves

Raven walks over and leans against one of the turnbuckles.

Raven: "Is that every one, is there anyone else back there that would like to come out here and whine about how life isn't fair."

Raven waits a few moments before continuing.

Raven: "I guess it's not as fun when your on the other side of the fence is it? Do any of you actually listen to the crap you say before you say it. Do you even realize how incredibly stupid you sound. Every one of you out here has aligned themselves with Troy at one point or another. Every person out here has cheated and schemed and done whatever they could to win. Now you have the audacity to come out here and shame me for doing the same damn thing!?"

Raven stands back up and starts to walk around the ring.

Raven: "The simple truth is I'm dating Troy because I want to, granted there are some added perks, but I didn't need him to get where I am now. Whether any of you want to admit it or not, you all know I'm one of the best there is in this damn business. I have won plenty of championships when I was the squeaky clean Raven. I just got tired of getting screwed all the time."

Raven looks over at Bakla.

Raven: "I got tired of people smashing me over the head with a damn baseball bat and not being able to break every bone in their body because that wouldn't be the fair way to handle things."

Raven turns to Shogun.

Raven: "I got tired of looking up to wrestlers and then seeing them flip flop back and forth, good, bad, good, bad, make up your mind."

Raven stops in the center of the ring.

Raven: "I got tired of following the rules and being honorable, and getting nothing for it. So now I do whatever I have to do to get what I deserve, and quite simply, I'm just better at it then all of you. So you can act all high and mighty, but there are only a few superstars on this roster who can honestly say they wouldn't do the exact same thing if they could."

Raven walks to the edge of the ring and flips backwards over the ropes onto the arena floor.

Raven: "You guys want a piece of me, take it up with my man. You can whine about how you got screwed all you want, but before you do think about how many people you have screwed to get ahead."

Raven makes her way up the ramp and turns around once she reaches the top and smiles.

Raven: "Karma's a bitch, ain't it!"

Raven turns and walks backstage.

The ULOL Tron suddenly comes to life and the VGM of ULOL is seen on the big screen.

Eunice P. Winslow: "It seems we have a dilemma here, three superstars want to go after Raven Connoly... So we should give all three wrestlers a chance to go after Ms. Connoly. Next week here in Lucha Loco we shall have a triangle match between Boy Bakla, Shogun Shogunsen and Yuki Monotomo. The winner of the match gets a chance to battle Raven Connoly in the PPV. Mr. Troy has again made ULOL a joke and I think this shall even the odds a bit."

With her announcement done, the ULOL Tron turns off as the crowd cheers loudly at next week's main event.

Shogun nods before raising the mic up to speak again.

Shogun:Excuses abound Raven you are correct about one thing. You are the best in this business right now. The best at spending special time under the bosses desk to get yourself free title shots. You see the difference between you and I is when i was aligned with Troy he needed ME I never needed him. I was the first Primo ultimo because I was good enough to win it on my own. I won this title over my shoulder because I was good enough to win it on my own!

Shogun:You may enjoy a world of ebay champions and screwing champions out of their titles after grueling defenses but in the end you can't and you won't beat me. I was named the best wrestler in this federation for a reason. I'll prove that next week because unlike the other two wrestlers in the triangle match...

Shogun:I have a real reason to win..without your father around someone has to teach you how a real wrestler handles business. I'll never be able to forgive myself for what happened to your father Raven. Not that you care of course but one day you will probably look back at this day and wish you learned from MY mistakes before you had to learn from your own.

Shogun:Karma is a bitch Raven, just like you said. You will understand that when I finally get into the ring and end the joke you have made out of this company when I take back the Primo Ultimo your man stole from me months ago!

Shogun then drops the mic and leaves the arena without another word.

Lucha Loco 12/18/11 Ulol_b11

Lucha Loco 12/18/11 Beyond10

The scene started in a playground in the midst of the night, there was a figure that sits down in one of the swings as he started to speak.

The rise of Christopher Noir is coming.
When he comes to the ULOL.
He will cleanse the "Evil"
And to the ULOL.
As he's the savior of us all.

Christopher Noir: "To those that who don't know me. I'm Christopher Noir, one of the newest members of ULOL. I know the place has been a mess with people like Zombie, a transvestite by the name of Boy Bakla, people like Enigma, The Morbidly Obese Man and the list goes on and on, but that's gonna change. You see; people neglected me for the way I am because they didn't see the potential that I have in that ring. Now that I'm signed with ULOL, it's time to cleanse the "Evil" away."

The savior mission has begun.
As he awaits for his debut.
Who will be his first victim?
Stay tuned to find out

He then throw his feather cap to the lens of the camera and once the cameramen take the cap off the lens, he was gone and the scene fade to black

Lucha Loco 12/18/11 Ulol_b11

Lucha Loco 12/18/11 Ulol_r10

"Fire Flame" revs up, prompting the fans to boo loudly as the men collectively known as the Illuminati emerge. Manolo Ferrer stoically leads Arnold Bold and Felix Schwarz to the ring, ignoring the fans' hisses and jeers. When they step into the ring, the manager walks right to the middle, flanked on either side by his clients.

He waits for the boos to die down before beginning to speak. It takes some time, as the fans continue their loud disapproval of their presence.

Manolo Ferrer: "Halfway around the world, a god has emerged. She's demonstrated her power, bringing back to life Mr. Morbidly Obese Man and Mr. Quioaecaopedidwazhapzhing. She could appear anywhere she wants, even in this building, and basically make us her playthings. She could turn us all into cockroaches, or turn us all inside-out and make us walk on our nostrils, or drop the Earth into the sun. She could do all sorts of things, and so you're all here booing us instead of doing something more constructive with your time. Like maybe praying or hiding in a cave."

This prompts the fans to boo even more viciously.

Manolo Ferrer: "All right, we hear you. You are upset over the outcome of my clients' match with Mr. Marston and Mr. Brostar. So are we. It wasn't the outcome we were expecting. We can't understand how a referee as experienced as Mr. Jack B. Nimble could arbitrarily decide that a Bra and Panties match can end in a disqualification. The only way to win a Bra and Panties match is to take off the clothes of your opponent. There's no other way to win. Mr. Bold and Mr. Schwarz competed according to the rules of the match. We weren't informed beforehand that there was going to be a disqualification rule for the match, if there even was a rule beforehand, and it wasn't a case of Mr. Jack B. Nimble moving the goalposts on the fly."

The fans raise their voices as they boo louder.

Manolo Ferrer: "It's wrong that you're booing my clients for an official's activist rulings. Mr. Bold and Mr. Schwarz did what was required to win the match, just to have the rug unfairly pulled out from under them. And if you think Mr. Brostar wasn't going to do anything underhanded or perverted, given the kind of match they were in, then you're wrong."

Mr. Ferrer goes on, ignoring the loud boos directed at him and his clients.

Manolo Ferrer: "I completely disagree on whom you're venting your anger on, but I do share your outrage. If it wasn't for Mr. Jack B. Nimble's blatant activist rule changes, we wouldn't be in this situation. Now, Mr. Marston is injured for no good reason, Mr. Brostar has an undeserved title shot, and my client, Mr. Arnold Bold now has added incentive to make sure that Mr. Brostar gets what he deserves, and gives Mr. Marston some company at the hospital."

Mr. Ferrer steps back, giving the floor to Arnold "GoodFella" Bold.

Arnold "GoodFella" Bold steps forward put a microphone near his lips and starts to speak.

Arnold "GoodFella" Bold: Brostar, I’m impressed that you are jumping into the league where you not belong. You have chosen the wrong people to mess with. You think you can set your sights on Manolo Ferrer and not be punished. You just a fool who chosen to put himself in no disqualification match. . You actually believe that there is a chance for you to be a better man. However, I am going to be the one that puts you into your place that is called the hospital. So Fettel reserved a place for your partner cause, he is going to need it. However, before the swanker steps his foot into this ring. I want to address another guy.

GoodFella makes a pause before continuing.

Arnold "GoodFella" Bold: There is a guy who recently came back to this federation. I know we have some unfinished business, nevertheless, I hope we are good, and you have no problems with me. Yes, that’s right I am addressing to Apocalypse that giant from Russia. Felix you want to say several words too?

Felix nods and takes a microphone from Arnold.

Felix Schwarz: You see Brostar. We know what can you type of guys can do. Even if Fettel is not seeing that yet, and you consider him as a friend I would suggest that Mr. Marston should have a back-up plan before Brostar whacks him with a chair.


Felix Schwarz: However, I’m just giving an advice. Nevertheless, I would like to introduce to you. To the guys who will certainly are loyal to the family of the Bold. Let me introduce to you first Gina “The Wild” Sheridan.

Gina appears on the entrance ramp and makes her way to the ring area. She stops near the ring.

Felix Schwarz: Another loyal man to the Bold family is Giancarlo. He is a true follower of Arnold. However, enough about that. These 3 people Gina and two other guys who are backstage right now. It will protect us no matter what. Now with that said Gina you also can get back to the backstage.

She agrees and heads back to the backstage and Felix gives a microphone back to Manolo Ferrer.

"The Devil's Own" by Five Finger Death Punch starts to blast it's way throughout the arena. Out from the curtain Fettel Marston limps out with a cast around his leg and on crutches. With a microphone already in hand he slowly limps his way down towards the ring but he does not enter it. His face is expressionless as he looks up to glare at the men inside the ring. He goes to talk but he shakes his head suddenly and his jaw moves sideways as he grinds his teeth.

Fettel: "You ... I ... Did ..."

Fettel shakes his head and holds his head in his hand. Moving his crutches to a more comfortable position he attempts to continue.

Fettel: "You three really know how to dig your own grave don't you."

Fettel chuckles with a hint of madness creeping ever more into his very being.

Fettel: "I ... I ... I mean you do this and now you have the er ... the audacity to come out here and blame the referee for your ... blatant cheating!"

Fettel points to Manolo Ferrer, licks his dry lips and the corner of his eye twitches.

Fettel: "Did you really think that ... that I would stay in a hospital feeling sorry for myself? I'm going to be out here when Brostar has his match with YOU!"

Fettel points his finger this time at GoodFella.

Fettel: "I am NOT going to lie down and just let you take advantage!!"

Fettel chuckles again and smirks.

Fettel: "That's right! I KNOW your little plan! Hoping to put myself and Brostar out of action thus forcing your er ... little .... SAD and LITTLE stable to take the title shot instead!!!"

Fettel wags his finger and shakes his head smiling.

Fettel: "I'd rather wrestle The Northern Kings in a title match in this state than let you ... B .... B .... BASTARDS take what Brostar and myself EARNT!!!"

Fettel constantly shakes his head in defiance, looks to ground and back to the men in the ring, still smiling. The corner of his eye still twitching every now and then.

The manager of the Illuminati studies the limping Fettel Marston for a long moment. He begins to speak, but pauses for a second to sort out what he has to say.

Manolo Ferrer: "It's regrettable what happened to you after the match. I mean that."

The fans react to Mr. Ferrer's statement.

Manolo Ferrer: "Don't listen to these people, Mr. Marston...Senior and Junior. All they want when they come here is to see the next thing to excite their bloodlust. I empathize with how you're feeling about this situation none of us wanted. We didn't know the referee was going to go rogue and change the rules of the match without telling anybody. Mr. Bold and Mr. Schwarz did not deserve to have their hard-earned victory taken from them, and you didn't deserve what happened to you. All this could have been avoided, if the referee judged according to the rules of the Bra and Panties match. We should collectively sue Mr. Jack B. Nimble for misconduct and compensation for the trauma he's inflicted on us."

Mr. Ferrer pauses again.

Manolo Ferrer: "I'm not telling you that you can't go ahead and fight the Northern Kings. But you're assuming those two aren't going to object to having to fight someone wearing a loaded cast and dual-wielding a pair of heavy-duty crutches. You'll be Conan hacking down Mr. King and Mr. Callahan."

Mr. Ferrer lets that last remark hang for a moment.

Manolo Ferrer: "Yes, I did say that. In fact, I can visualize you right now, whirling around in the ring, busting open Mr. Callahan and Mr. King with your leg cast and crutches. I want everyone to imagine that for a minute."

Mr. Ferrer lowers the microphone. While the fans take this opportunity to loudly boo, many do indeed seem to be pondering the idea of Fettel Marston going toe to toe with Shadow Callahan and Allister King. The manager even discreetly gestures to Arnold Bold and Felix Schwarz not to yell at the fans, wanting to give everyone enough time to visualize Fettel Marston thrashing about on his crutches.

Manolo Ferrer: "Do you see what I see? Mr. Fettel Marston striding around the ring, with a ruined crutch and a bloodied cast. Only it's the blood of a Northern King that's soaked through the plaster. I would not be surprised if Mr. Brostar is counting on you to do just that, Mr. Marston. You limp on your crutches to your title match, face the Northern Kings, and fight like your life depended on it. While Mr. Brostar gets to earn sympathy points and look good at your expense. I can say with all sincerity that I can see you fighting the Northern Kings on one leg because I see you are a fighter, Mr. Marston. Your father did a good job raising you. The fact that you are out here right now shows you are a fighter. Not like Mr. Brostar, who is probably having some very kinky reunion sex with Mr. Stank Lord."

The manager continues.

Manolo Ferrer: "What I'm saying is that you really shouldn't be expecting help from Mr. Brostar when you take on the Northern Kings. He would have cost you the Bra and Panties match, if it weren't for the referee going rogue. I would not be surprised if pulls a Mr. Jack Johnson on you, in the biggest match of your career. What would be Mr. Brostar's excuse then? That he's young, dumb and full of cum?"

Mr. Ferrer lowers his microphone.

"Show goes on" and Brostar appears on stage with a kendo stick in his hand, he speaks.

Brostar: "YOU BASTARDS!!!!"

Brostar: "That will be the last time you try to beat me and my partner up, because the next you do, I'm going have this kendo stick and give you the bloody beating you deserve."

He says as he raises his Kendo Stick. Then changes his attention to his partner.

Brostar: "Fettel take it easy."

He says quickly then switches his attention back to Manolo and his bitches.

Brostar: "Now, give me one good reason why I shouldn't come down there to the ring and beat all of you people with this kendo stick."

He says as he waits for one of them to speak.

The world famous manager looks away, his embarrassment evident to everyone.

Manolo Ferrer: "You're holding the stick the wrong way."

His words spill out as a withering mutter. Mr. Ferrer is quick to continue.

Manolo Ferrer: "I really wish your son the best of luck in his title match, Mr. Marston. You have my sympathies on the burden you'll need to bear before you even have the match. And I'm not talking about your leg."

The manager rolls his eyes, pointedly looking away from Brostar and Marston.

Hammerfall's ''Any Means Necessary'' begins to blast through the arena as Allister King and Shadow Callahan, the current champions, the Northern Kings make their way out to the group of people arguing. Allister has a microphone in hand.

Allister King: Is their a party happening here that i wasn't invited to? For shame! For shame on you! For the past few minutes i have been getting this weird sensation that someone has been repeatedly said my name.

Allister looks at Shadow

Allister King: And his too. Then when I come out here i see the principal from back to the future standing with Marty Mcfly and a guy who Marty brought back from the 1920's. The back to the future movie that was never made.

Allister now turns his attention to Brostar and Marston

Allister King: Now I shall turn my attention to these guys. Brostar, a guy who seems to get himself in trouble every time someone allows him the opportunity to speak. I mean really? A no DQ match? You do realize that it will end up as a handicap match with Moe, curly and Larry there jumping on. And i bet that somehow they have got the corrupted general manager to ban anyone from helping you if just such an event happens to occur.

Allister looks at Manolo

Allister King: Am i right?

Allister turns his attentions back towards Brostar and Marston

Allister King: Listen, they are going to do to you, what they did to him. Just so you didn't get the title match that you won. Now me and shad here are happy to postpone the match until you have completely healed with will be in about 2-3 weeks because everyone knows can't heal normally or even die here without something weird happening. Look it took me a few weeks to recover from getting my intestines ripped out and my head smashed on the floor. Now that i have said my piece i have some financial business to work on especially since shadow here won't shut the hell up.

Allister and Shadow begins to leave

Mr. Ferrer shrugs as the Northern Kings exit through the curtains. He waits for the Hammerfall song to die down before speaking.

Manolo Ferrer: "I did say the Northern Kings were going to be reluctant about having a match with you, Mr. Marston. I think you've psyched them out. That's not an easy thing to do, given who they are."

Mr. Ferrer says this without any tone of malice or negativity.

Manolo Ferrer: "It's disheartening though to hear Mr. King insinuate Mr. Bold needs help in putting away Mr. Brostar. Let's just compare the two objectively, okay? My client has held several championships here in ULOL. He has faced down and beaten some of the best in the world. Meanwhile, his opponent--you are still holding that stick wrong, Mr. Brostar."

Mr. Ferrer throws up in hands in disbelief.

Manolo Ferrer: "What else can I say? Mr. Bold, remember Mr. Carlo Rizzi? Same deal for Mr. Brostar. Don't cut corners."

Arnold sees the frustration that comes from Fettel and he is smiling.

Arnold "GoodFella“ Bold : Fettel, we are not blaming anything, cause you know things happens at that kind of match as bra and panties match. However referee did made a mistake. Nevertheless let‘s bygones be bygones and move on to the next chapter which is No DQ match.

Arnold then starts to think if he really cared about hospitalized Fettel and he responds with not very shocking answer.

Arnold "GoodFella“ Bold : Did I really thought about you being in a hospital? No I haven‘t thought about that. Plus I don‘t even think that Marcus Troy will allow you to be there since you are not medically cleared. You think I am scared of you or Brostar? You are dead wrong. I ain‘t scared of nobody. I‘m former champion. That‘s right champion and you just bunch of losers. Oh wait that‘s Brostar and you are just delusional.

Arnold turns his attention to Brostar.

Arnold "GoodFella“ Bold : Really Brostar? Really? Kendo stick? Anyway you are just an embarrassment to the professional wrestling. That‘s all what I can to say to you now. I have nothing to say to you anymore. So I and Felix and of course Manolo Ferrer will be heading to our locker room and wait till my match starts.

Felix,Arnold and Manolo leaves ring and heads back to the backstage.

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It's the drink that keeps you GOING AND GOING AND GOING...

Lucha Loco 12/18/11 Erektu10

EREKTUS Guarana Energy Drink is the answer to all your bedroom problems! Drink one today and discover just how EREKT you can be!

Available in stores near you.

Lucha Loco 12/18/11 Ulol_b11

Lucha Loco 12/18/11 Arnold10/WLucha Loco 12/18/11 Manolo10&Lucha Loco 12/18/11 Felixs10


Lucha Loco 12/18/11 Brosta10/WLucha Loco 12/18/11 Fettel10

"Fire Flame" by Birdman starts to play, and the fans react negatively as Jasmine Lee begins the match introductions.

Jasmine Lee: "The following is a No Disqualification match! Introducing first, accompanied by the manager of champions, Manolo Ferrer, and his tag partner Felix Schwarz, here is Arnold 'Goodfella' Bold!"

Jim Jackson: "Goodfella's manager, Manolo Ferrer, has explicitly ordered Goodfella to batter Brostar badly enough to put him in the hospital. With the stipulations for this match, you can be sure Brostar is looking to do the same to Arnold Bold."

Brad Blood: "Brostar originally dared Manolo Ferrer to face him in this No DQ match, but the Goodfella told Brostar if he wanted no DQ, then he's fighting him instead. And Brostar could have a shot at hurting Bold, but I'd have to say the odds don't look good for him."

Jasmine Lee: "His opponent! Being accompanied to the ring by Fettel Marston, here is Brostar!"

The fans react at "Show Goes On" by Lupe Fiasco plays. Brostar comes out, with Fettel limping beside him. The two men take their time approaching the ring, with Brostar reaching out to shake hands with the fans as Marston gamely hobbles along.

Jim Jackson: "Brostar's chances in this match indeed do not look good. His partner Fettel's injured, while Bold has Schwarz and Manolo Ferrer in his corner."

Brad Blood: "Allister King did warn the guy he was practically inviting a guaranteed beating at the hands of Goodfella, Schwarz and Ferrer. All Brostar and Fettel can do now is to try and make the best out of a bad situation. And it's not like we haven't seen underdogs pull out wins in cases like this."

Jim Jackson: "Brostar looking to avenge Fettel Marston's injury, while Arnold Bold looking for payback for losing the bra and panties match thanks to a DQ...which leads us to this No DQ match."

Jasmine Lee: "The referee in charge is Sully S. Calawag. And now...LET THE LUNACY BEGIN!"

Brad Blood: "Ferrer's approaching Marston with a chair!"

Jim Jackson: "Brostar quickly rushing out to help Marston, ready to bash him with his kendo stick! But Marston is quick to brandish his crutch to try and ward off Manolo Ferrer!"

Brad Blood: "Felix Schwarz now coming to Mr. Ferrer's side, and he's grabbed a chair of his own!"

Jim Jackson: "Brostar standing between Fettel and Ferrer! Ferrer's...he's putting the chair down! He's...offering Fettel Marston the chair to sit in!"

Brad Blood: "......what."

Jim Jackson: "Ferrer's backing off! He's trying to explain to Marston and Brostar that he wanted to make sure Marston doesn't have to stand on crutches for the whole match!"

Brad Blood: "That's pretty considerate of him."

Jim Jackson: "Yeah, I'll bet! Brostar certainly doesn't look like he's buying any of it WHAT THE HELL!"





Sully S. Calawag: "One! Two! Three!"

Brad Blood: "Wait, what!"

Jasmine Lee: "Aahhh...the winner of this match. By pinfall...Arnold 'GoodFella' Bold!"

Jim Jackson: "What kinda match is this!? What the hell is this!?"

Brad Blood: "It's...No DQ! The Goodfella just made full use of the rules of the match!"

Jim Jackson: "You can't just stab someone in a match! Someone get some damn help for Brostar!"

Brad Blood: "And here come the paramedics! But...he's dead, Jim!"

Jim Jackson: "Oh my god."

Brad Blood: "No, no wait! The paramedics are saying he's still got a pulse! The ref's quickly stopping Marston from trying to attack Mr. Ferrer and his men!"

Jim Jackson: "Ferrer leading his clients back to the locker room! They've already done their damage!"

Brad Blood: "What the heck is that!"

Something ripples and shimmers in the air above the bloodied Brostar. An amazing yet terrifying entity emerges, waving her hands over the fallen Brostar.

Brad Blood: "It's...the Will of the Universe!"

Brostar glows in an eerie, diffused light. When the light fades, so does his injuries. Then the Will of the Universe vanishes.

Jim Jackson: "He's...okay? Not dead then?"

Brad Blood: "I...I guess he's not dead, Jim!"

Lucha Loco 12/18/11 Ulol_b11

Lucha Loco 12/18/11 Ulol_r11

The heavy metal version of a Russian folk song Korobeinki plays it's way through the arena. The crowd stands to see the huge bulk of a man, Apocalypse, enter the arena. With a huge smile on his face and his arms outstretched he dramatically takes in the somewhat quiet cheers from the few fans that know him. He makes his way down to the ring whilst shaking the fan's hands and briefly speaking with a few fans. He turns towards the ring and makes way his up the steel steps. He squeezes through the ropes and into the ring. He waves to the crowd and quickly snatches up a microphone.

Apocalypse: "'Allo there the people and fans of ULOL!"

Apocalypse smiles and quickly takes a little comb out of his right trouser pocket. He gives his thick mustache a quick combing and then carries on.

Apocalypse: "I have come out here to address one particular person! I believe that he mentioned me during the PPV! A person vho I belieeve vants a piece of Apocalypse! Zis mans name I know to be Ray Kamaura!"

The crowd's reaction to Ray Kamaura's name is mixed. Apocalypse raises his hand and the crowd fall silent again.

Apocalypse: "If you vant Apocalypse in match comrade, you'd better take your chance! I saw you vere in the dark match at the PPV and I must say I vas quite impressed! But apparently like me, you are on a run of dominance somevat! And apparently zat vas but a small portion of vat you are all about! I vish to see more ... first hand!! So comrade vat say you?"

Lucha Loco 12/18/11 Ulol_b11

Lucha Loco 12/18/11 Ulol_b13

The scene fades into the backstage area. One man is present in this particular corridor which is surprising given the fact that it is a show day. However, this one man is no ordinary man, this is Enigma. He is doing soe acrobatic moves, ones only he can do. He first starts with a one handed handstand, he then leaps up with a somersault and falls into a full handstand. He does some push ups before jumping to his feet and executing multiple backflips. He then nods and claps.

Enigma: "I am ready for tonight's match! Although I fear I may have become a tad rusty. I guess we shall see!"

Enigma then performs a cartwheel, followed by several back handstand flips as the scene fades.

Lucha Loco 12/18/11 Ulol_b11

Lucha Loco 12/18/11 Ulol_r11

Alestorm's Shipwrecked begins to play throughout the arena as the scourge of the seven seas, Captain Sebastian Wolf, makes his way out to the entrance ramp. Moments after his personal entourage of pirates follow him. He takes out his pistol and fires it into the air as a jolly roger falls and covers the tron. He puts his pistol back into its holster before continuing down to the ring. Before he enters the ring, he removes his cutlass and begins to threaten a few of the audience members. With the cutlass still in hand, he walks up the steps and enters the ring. He climbs till one foot is on the top turnbuckle and the other is on the second rope. He raises the cutlass in the air and lets out a pirate yell. He sends Alexander Drake to grab him a microphone. Wolf places the cutlass back in its holster

Cap'n Sebastian Wolf: "Take a gander laddies, these be th' worthless swine that pay to witness th' cap'n do what he does best."

The crowd begin to boo loudly until Wolf fires into the air

Cap'n Sebastian Wolf: "Shut ye mouths, i be th' one wit' 'tis microphone 'n i gunna be th' one doin' th' shoutin'. If any 'o ye landlubbers have a problem wit' that. We have no problem draggin' ye along side th' ship 'til th' sharks feast on ye."

The arena goes silent

Cap'n Sebastian Wolf: "T'night, i have be paid to sword fight against three men. Now these men claim to be somethin' they ain't. That be supernatural. I have sailed across th' seven seas 'n back, 'n th' only supernatural bein' serves me 'n me crew."

The 3 pirates beside the Captain begin to laugh

Cap'n Sebastian Wolf: "Besides 'tis will 'o th' universe, th' only thin' me eyes have gazed upon that be supernatural be th' leviathan."

The crowd begin to speak amongst themselves in whispers

Cap'n Sebastian Wolf: "Whats th' matter laddies? Did ye not think 'o th' reason behind namin' me ship th' leviathan? th' reason be that we can call forth th' mighty beast whenever we choose. th' beast lies at th' bottom 'o th' deepest waters 'n only hails to me voice. When th' day comes when i be needin' to summon th' beast ye gunna fear fer ye lives as it gunna be th' last thin' ye eyes gunna look upon."

Wolf takes out his cutlass and raises it to the air

Cap'n Sebastian Wolf: "We gunna be back, 'n me opponents shall be pissin' them wit' fear fer what 'tis cap'n can do. Lads, come on!"

Wolf drops the microphone as his music begins to play. He leaves the ring and heads to the back with his crew. The camera fades to black as they cant be seen anymore

Lucha Loco 12/18/11 Ulol_b11

Lucha Loco 12/18/11 Captse10VSLucha Loco 12/18/11 Enigma10


Lucha Loco 12/18/11 Crusad10VSLucha Loco 12/18/11 Absolu10

Jim Jackson: "Well it looks like business is about to pick up, we have a four way match between aBs⊗LUte, Capt. Sebastian Wolf, Enigma, Crusade!"

Brad Blood: "Business is about to pick up? I think Capt. Sebastion should win this match, because he is an actual person. the others are nouns!"

Jim Jackson: "Oh yeah, that's way more original."

Brad Blood: "Only like three people will get that. He's also a friggin pirate, and pirates are awesome."

Jasmine Lee: "The following match is scheduled for one fall, and is a four way match! Introducing first, Capt. Sebastian Wolf!"

Alestorm's Shipwrecked begins to play throughout the arena as the scourge of the seven seas, Captain Sebastian Wolf, makes his way out to the entrance ramp. He takes out his pistol and fires it into the air as a jolly roger falls and covers the tron. He puts his pistol back into its holster before continuing down to the ring. Before he enters the ring, he removes his cutlass and begins to threaten a few of the audience members. With the cutlass still in hand, he walks up the steps and enters the ring. He climbs till one foot is on the top turnbuckle and the other is on the second rope. He raises the cutlass in the air and lets out a pirate yell. He jumps off the turnbuckle, the referee forces him to relinquish his cutlass and pistol. He hands them over and removes his hat and coat before going to his corner.

Brad Blood: "See, Pirate.., awesome!"

Jasmine Lee: "Introducing next, aBs⊗LUte!"

Silence is in the ULOL arena. The lights flicker and aBs⊗LUte is in the arena, standing.

Jim Jackson: "aBs⊗LUte is one of ULOL's newest, and mysterious superstars."

Brad Blood: "How the hell did he do that!? He appeared out of nowhere, why is no one else alarmed by that?"

Jasmine Lee: "Introducing next, Enigma!"

A soothing and spiritual instrumental begins to play as the lights turn dim. After a few seconds pass, Enigma walks out slowly. He raises both hands into the air and point to the roof before outstretching his arms to point to the ring. He lowers his arms and then suddenly leaps forward, rolling onto the edge of the ramp and immediately jumps up to execute a picture perfect somersault. As he lands, pyros placed around the stage and titantron fire off to make a golden explosion.

Jim Jackson: "ULOL's resident luchadore looking to pick up a win here tonight."

Brad Blood: "You know what's cooler than a luchadore, a pirate, just saying."

Jasmine Lee: "The last competitor in this match, Crusade!"

"Believe" by Disturbed hits the speakers. The lights in the arena turn and a spotlight shines down on Crusade as he walks out of the entrance curtains to the jeers of the crowd. Crusade can be seen carrying his blood red copy of his holy book in his hand while he makes his way down to the ring. The light from the spotlight shines off of the large leather trench coat Crusade wears everywhere. Once in the ring Crusade sheds the trench coat cuing the lights in the arena to turn on. After shouting out to the fans about their various sins Crusade takes a seat in one of the turnbuckle corners with his book pressed against his chest.

Jim Jackson: "Crusade informing the fans that they are going to hell, as usual."

Brad Blood: "Who died and made him Jesus? Hmmm, well I guess Jesus died, maybe he made him Jesus."

Jasmine Lee: "The referee for this match is Don Q. Hotte. LET THE LUNACY BEGIN!"

Jim Jackson: "This match is on, Enigma starts things out and uses a basement dropkick to the knee of Crusade and it looks like it might be TIME TO GO TO SCHOOL!"

Brad Blood: "What does that even mean Jim? Spinning back kick from Enigma to aBs⊗LUte. Enigma hooks the leg.."

Don Q. Hotte: "One! Two!"

Jim Jackson: "The Captain breaks the pin and a VICIOUS lightning kick by Crusade to Wolf for his troubles. Crusade avoids a Enigma avalanche but doesn't avoid that huge clothesline from aBs⊗LUte!"

Brad Blood: "Crusade uses a basement dropkick to the knee of Enigma, giving him a taste of his own medicine there. Flying cross body off the top rope from aBs⊗LUte onto Crusade! He goes for the cover."

Don Q. Hotte: "One! Two!"

Jim Jackson: "Crusade kicks out at two. Enigma reverses a Wolf hammerlock. Enigma hits a HARD spinning kick to the jaw of Captain Wolf. Second rope flying axe handle from aBs⊗LUte, Crusade goes down."

Brad Blood: "One day, aBsoLUte might even consider coming off the top with that. You know...for more impact and stuff. Lightning kick by aBsoLUte on Enigma, a lot of kicks in this match"

Jim Jackson: "Back heel kick off the second rope from Wolf, Crusade goes down. Cover"

Don Q. Hotte: "One! Two!"

Brad Blood: "See, there was another kick, this match is kicktastic, the kickenist kick fest this side of kickington!"

Jim Jackson: "Are you done?"

Brad Blood: "I suppose, Capt. Sebastian Wolf with a Rude Awakening neckbreaker on Crusade! DDT from the top rope by Enigma on aBs⊗LUte, this match is all over the damn place I tell ya. Capt. Sebastian hooks the leg..."

Don Q. Hotte: "One! Two!"

Jim Jackson: "We aren't done yet folks Crusade charges into the corner, but EATS WOLF'S BOOT and staggers backward. Beautiful spinning arm drag out of the corner by Wolf. Springboard reverse elbow by Enigma. Excellent move. Looks like Muta has giving out lessons."

Brad Blood: "Implant DDT by Enigma on aBs⊗LUte! Standing leg lariat by Crusade on Wolf. Capt. Enigma is able to duck a clothesline attempt from aBs⊗LUte, but Crusade was not so lucky."

Jim Jackson: "Wolf with a flying spear out of the corner connects with aBs⊗LUte! aBs⊗LUte nearly got crushed into little bits! Capt. Sebastian Wolf ducks a Enigma clothesline, and Crusade is waiting for Enigma as he runs and whips himself off the ropes before hitting Enigma with a huge Lariat, The Arm of God!!"

Brad Blood: "Crusade going for the cover wait, the lights flicker out and flicker back in. Crusade is crippled in the center of the ring with aBs⊗LUte standing over them. UnAv⊗idABle!!! Seriously, how the fuck does he do that, well this is it folks, aBs⊗LUte goes for the pin."

Jim Jackson: "Looks like aBs⊗LUte may have forgotten something, Capt. Wolf grabs aBs⊗LUte by the head as he goes for the pin and bends him backwards exposing the throat. With great speed and force, he chops aBs⊗LUte in the throat, forcing him to fall to the mat virtually breathless. No Quarter!! Here's the pin!"

Don Q. Hotte: "One! Two! Three!"

Jasmine Lee: "The winner of this match by pin fall, Capt. Sebastian Wolf!"

Jim Jackson: "Well they all fought hard, but in the end Wolf picks up the win!"

Brad Blood: "Told you, not a noun, and a pirate, he had to win!"

Lucha Loco 12/18/11 Ulol_b11
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Lucha Loco 12/18/11 Ulol_r12

The arena lights up with a blinding white light. "The Chase by Illy" blasts through the arena speakers as the arena fills with white smoke. Blue, White and Red spotlights scatter around the arena and then shines on and follow Chase O'Brien as he makes his way to the ring posing and interacting with the fans.

Chase O'Brien: "So last week was.. Different. Being new to the business and all, you'd think I wouldn't understand. But I do.. Truly. When you have something important you want to hold onto, you'll do anything to do so. But what Jim Rival did? I think it's fair to say that he's completely reached the lowest point in his career.. and he's holding ULOL gold!"

A great smile appears on Chase O'Brien's face.

Chase O'Brien: "Thanks to your cowardice, Mr. Rival.. I now see that this lightweight division is a joke, and a waste of my time. You provided me with a near-impossible challenge, and I was close. You know it, the fans know it, the whole roster knows it. I lost under impossible conditions, but at least I put up a fight. Jim, you're a coward. I hereby deem you an unworthy rival."

A more serious look appears on Chase O'Brien's face.

Chase O'Brien: "I'm here in the ULOL, because I want to push myself to be the best, and without a worthy opponent that does seem to make it hard. Oh, but wait. I seem to be forgetting something."

Chase O'Brien takes a brief pause building up suspense.

Chase O'Brien: "Since I got here, they seated me at the kiddy table. Well no more. From now, Chase O'Brien competes in the heavyweight division. Why would I want bronze, when I can have gold. The Ligero Maximo title is a joke. Rival proved that to me the moment he decided to blindfold me and strike me with a chair. Let me tell you something about the lightweight division. They fear the heavyweight division. That's why they were given that piece of tin to fight over. They fear greatness. But me? I do not fear greatness. I embrace it. So watch out Raven Connoly, because now that I've realized my true potential.. your biggest threat has arrived!"

Bzzt!! Chase O'Brien drops the mic and makes his way backstage.

Lucha Loco 12/18/11 Ulol_b11

Lucha Loco 12/18/11 Taufik10VSLucha Loco 12/18/11 Apoc10

Jasmine Lee: "The following match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, Taufik"

"The Way I Am" By Emniem started playing as Taufik walks out with a few beautiful ladies on his side as he is making his way to the ring and once he is in the ring, awaits his opponent with the ladies behind him.

Jim Jackson: "Taufik coming off a loss at the PPV, probably hoping for a different outcome here tonight."

Brad Blood: "Gee, you think Jim, you think he wants to win tonight, your brilliant!"

Jasmine Lee: "Introducing next, Apocalypse!"

The Russian Folk song Korobeiniki echoes around the arena. The genre of the song changes as a Heavy Metal version of the song takes over. Apocalypse appears at the top of the ramp with his arms outstretched and with a huge grin on his face. He makes his way down the ramp and shakes some of the crowd's hands. He makes his way over to the ring and jumps up onto the ring apron. He steps over the ring ropes to enter the ring. He then rips his shirt apart to take it off and he throws it into the crowd. He stretches in the ring while he waits for the match to start.


Jim Jackson: "What?!"

Brad Blood: "Huh, oh, I must have got confused."

Jasmine Lee: "The referee for this match is Jack B. Nimble! LET THE LUNACY BEGIN!"

Jim Jackson: "Apocalypse hits some punches. There's a lot of power behind those punches, Taufik needs to watch out here. Taufik pulls a mule kick out of nowhere."

Brad Blood: "Tau scoops and slams Apocalypse. Look's like Taufik can hold his own Jim. Taufik misses a clothesline...and takes out the referee accidentally! JACKPOT!!!"

Jim Jackson: "Brutal spinning powerbomb on Apocalypse! I have to admit I expected more from Apocalypse. Tau hooks the leg, but the referee is still out! Apocalypse reverses a Taufik hammerlock. Flying shoulder tackle by Apocalypse sends Tau CRASHING to the mat. Gutwrench into a stomach breaker."

Brad Blood: "Taufik, Welcome to DIE!!!"

Jim Jackson: "What!?"

Brad Blood: "I'm pretty sure someone got that, somewhere. Tau may be winded. Apocalypse goes for the pin."

Jack B Nimble: "One! Two!"

Jim Jackson: "Brutal spinning powerbomb on Tau! Apocalypse goes for the pin again."

Jack B Nimble: "One! Two!"

Brad Blood: "NO! Taufik holding on here, but Apocalypse definitely has done some damage. Taufik comes up with a right hand out of nowhere. A sit out full nelson slam on Apocalypse. Cover..."

Jack B Nimble: "One!"

Jim Jackson: "Apocalypse kicks out before two, not a good sign for Tau. Taufik misses a clothesline. Apocalypse moves in for the kill. Here it comes Apocalypse picks up Taufik with Tau's back on his shoulders and he violently jumps up and down along with pulling down on Taufik's neck and legs with Taufik's spine being violently shaken around. That's his finisher, Motherland!!"

Brad Blood: "Taufik is about to break in half, he taps, he taps!!"

Jasmine Lee: "The winner of this match by submission, Apocalypse."

Jim Jackson: "Apocalypse raises his arms in victory. Wait a minute, look at Taufik, he looks like he may be hurt. The referee goes to check on him, and he's calling for some help, this doesn't look good."

Brad Blood: "Here come's some ULOL personnel and EMT's to the ring. Apocalypse turns around and see's the commotion, what a wuss, he looks concerned!"

Jim Jackson: "He isn't a wuss Brad, he's human. Apocalypse goes to help Tau but one of the EMT's stops him as the place Taufik on a flat board. This looks bad, Apocalypse looks on with a look of remorse. We hope Taufik is OK."

Brad Blood: "I don't."

Lucha Loco 12/18/11 Ulol_b11

Lucha Loco 12/18/11 Vehicu10

Yuki Monotomo and Ray Kamaura are seen standing in front of Marcus Troy's limousine. The letters 'DWMA' are keyed in all over the car and a few bricks are stuck to the top of it. Boards are on either side of the wheels as well with a the DWMA symbol on the tires.

Yuki: "Ah, nothing like a good old pimp my ride. Right, Ray? Looks like Troy is going to love his new car, I think we did a really good job, we even signed it for him! I mean, just look at his new paint job!"

The ninja brushes the back of his hand over 'DWMA'.

Yuki: "Perfect, I tell you. You did a nice job with that key, man. I think that Troy will really appreciate this when he's rolling around town with his trophy girlfriend whose winning all the titles. He gets to always see that we did such a nice job for him. The tires are custom also. Boards for stability and our symbol nicely carved into them."

Yuki backs up and lets Ray assess the "new" car. Ray Kamaura walks over tow
ard and kicks the tires.

Ray: Now that’s what I call sturdy. Now when Tory and Raven are bumping uglys in the back seat they will feel minimal shaking. I know Raven is a champion but she is only an opener in bed.

Ray Kamaura drops the joking demeanor and becomes completely serious.

Ray: Listen up Marcus. I don’t care if that little whore is letting you stuff her like the Christmas goose, but if I don’t get my title shot at the PPV, I will end you. If you interfere, I will end you. If anything happens that impedes my becoming the Primo Ultimo Champion, consider your career over. I will rip the ULOL a new one. Starting with you.

Ray Kamaura pulls out a stick of dynamite from behind his back. He lights the dynamite and throws it into the window of Marcus Troy’s car and casually walks away.
Yuki looks to Ray walking then back to the car. He dives for cover under Shogun's car for safety. The camera follows him, shaking along the way. It focuses on the explosion of the vehicle. After seeing the explosion, Yuki and the cameraman crawl back out.

Yuki: Well, that's ONE way to go out with a bang. Looks like we're gonna need some duct tape. Ray! Bring back duct tape!

The camera moves to show Ray Kamaura giving a thumbs-up and opening a door.

Yuki: Alright then!

Yuki walks over and picks up the hood of the car that still has a brick stuck to it.

Yuki: That's some sturdy glue. Oh well, maybe Raven and Troy are exhibitionists. And it's not like the car was going to have an explosion in it tonight or anything like that. Ah the sweet smell of a job well done. And gunpowder.

The newly rejoined DWMA member leaves the scene, dropping the hood of the car on the ground to make a "BANG!" as the scene fades to blackness.

Lucha Loco 12/18/11 Ulol_b11

Lucha Loco 12/18/11 Thesan10

The camera opens to the top floor of the Sanctuary also known as Allister's office where he is working on financial business.

Allister King: Let's see now. Carry the 2 and we get the overall profit of the award show. Sammie!

Samantha King: What do you want?

Allister King: What was the percentage i said i was handing ULOL from the money we made?

Samantha King: 20%. You forget already.

Allister King: Yeah. Thanks

Allister uses a calculator

Allister King: Jesus Christ! We made a killing from the award show alone. Overall we made $16,768,392. So subtract the 20% for the company that leaves us with.

Allister does the math

Allister King: $3,353,678.40 for ULOL and a glorious amount of $13,414,713.60. You know I'm going to be generous and give them an extra $1.60 to even it out.

Allister looks about his office.

Allister King: Sam! Where the hell is my check book?

Samantha King: Did you check your pocket?

Allister checks his pocket and finds it

Allister King: Yeah it was in my pocket.

Samantha King: You are a goddamn idiot you know that?

Allister King: Don't rub it in! i am under a lot of pressure.

Samantha King: No you're not! You spend your spare time watching cartoons and playing video games.

Allister King: Yeah and that puts me under a lot of pressure. Tell James to get up here if you please.

Allister starts writing the check as James enters the office

James: Yes, Mr. King?

Allister King: James. Go hand this check to Marcus Troy and i will know if he doesn't get it.

James: No problem sir

Allister hands him the check and then he leaves

Allister King: Ahhh its so great to be me

The camera fades to black as Allister relaxes by placing his feet on his desk.

Lucha Loco 12/18/11 Ulolse10

Have you always wanted a pet but cannot afford one?

Have you always wanted a pet but is afraid that it'll destroy the furniture?

Have you always wanted a pet but do not have the time to feed and walk it?


Lucha Loco 12/18/11 Freeca10


Lucha Loco 12/18/11 Ulolse10

Lucha Loco 12/18/11 Raykam10VSLucha Loco 12/18/11 Walter10

Jim Jackson: “Well we got somewhat of a rematch between two opponents from our dark match at the PPV! Ray Kamaura goes against Walter Tiberius Funk!”

Brad Blood: “Two of our very own resident gorillas! Haha!”

Jim Jackson: “Don’t say something you’re going to regret Brad!”

Brad Blood: “Why? What’s Ray gonna do?”

Jim Jackson: “Beat you to a bloody pulp and then rip your heart out through your kneecaps?”

Brad Blood: “……”

Jasmine Lee: “Ladies and gentlemen this match is scheduled for One Fall!! Introducing first, Walter Tiberius Funk!!”

"Congo River" played on African tribal drums starts playing over the loud speakers. Through the fog amidst and along the runway a roar is heard. A shadow dashes the whole way down the runway and leaps into the ring. The shadow turns out to be... WALTER TIBERIUS FUNK, a FUNKIN' GORILLA! Walter then pounds his chest with his arms and gives out a loud roar! In the confusion, Leon Hinomoto walks calmly behind the gorilla up to the ring.

Jasmine Lee: “And introducing his opponent, Ray Kamaura!!”

"Sound Of Madness" by Shinedown starts to play as Ray Kamaura, The leader of the DWMA, begins striding towards the ring. His seven foot frame towers over everything until he comes to the apron. Ray grabs the top rope and steps onto the ring then over the ropes into the ring. He swiftly moves to a turnbuckle and climbs it raises on arm into the air.

Jim Jackson: “Well while Brad contemplates what he said let’s get on with what we didn’t see during the PPV! A great matchup I’m sure between some of the best powerhouses in this company!!”

Jasmine Lee: “The referee for this matchup will be Sully S. Calawag! LET THE LUNACY BEGIN!!!!”

Jim Jackson: “And this one is underway with these two eying each other very carefully. Walter now starting to circle the big man as if trying to figure Ray Kamaura out. Walter on all fours obviously as our very first primate wrestler continues his scan of the seven foot giant. Ray stays in the same spot cautiously aware as Walter Tiberius Funk makes his way behind him. Ray finally deciding to turn around and face the silverback. Now telling Walter to bring it!”

Brad Blood: “And these two finally tangle it up!!! BUT immediately Walter Tiberius Funk manages to get his leg behind Ray’s and forces the big man to fall backwards to the canvas!!”

Jim Jackson: “Walter slowing down the pace of this match as he continues to grapple with Ray on the canvas. But Walter is on top of the big man attempting to keep him down!! This sort of style reminds of the athletic kind of wrestling, grappling on the floor! Walter starting to pound the midsection of the grounded Ray Kamaura.”

Brad Blood: “It’s as if the gorilla is trying to wear down the big man and at the same time avoiding all of Ray Kamaura’s power!”

Jim Jackson: “Well then Ray had better channel all of his strength in finding some way to gain control of this matchup for the first time. Walter using all of HIS strength to keep Ray down and put waste to any efforts Ray might make! This, in time will tire him out! Walter managing to manoeuvre Ray around onto his back!”

Brad Blood: “The referee actually having to do his job as he continually checks the shoulders. Walter briefly with the shoulders down!”

Sully S. Calawag: “One!”

Jim Jackson: “Ray lifts a shoulder to break the count. Ray Kamaura sees like he might have more leverage now he’s on his back as he looks to break out!! But his shoulders are down!!!!”

Sully S. Calawag: “One! Two!!”

Jim Jackson: “And Ray gives up the idea realising that Walter has put him into a position that he is unlikely to break out of unless he takes a risk!”

Brad Blood: “Walter still keeping on top of Ray!! I can’t believe a gorilla is outdoing Ray Kamaura! COME ON RAY!!!”

Jim Jackson: “Ass kisser. Trying to make it up for earlier are we? Avoiding a beating?”

Brad Blood: “So what if I am?”

Jim Jackson: “Walter punching the head of Ray this time!! He’d better be careful when he goes on offense like that! I would think that at the moment Ray is looking for every opportunity to get into this matchup and letting your guard down might just open up a way for him! But it seems not to be for Ray as Walter continues to keep the giant grounded!”

Brad Blood: “Walter Tiberius Funk always on the lookout for escape attempts. Walter managing to now move Ray Kamaura around with his legs wrapped around the head. Ray now sensing the opportunity whilst in transit and uses his power to attempt to lift the silverback!! I’d be impressed if he CAN do such a feat!!”

Jim Jackson: “We’ve seen him lift The Morbidly Obese Man before now! With this silverback weighing only a pound heavier than our resident fat man could Ray finally break out!!”



Sully S. Calawag: “One! Two!!! Three!!!”

Jim Jackson: “And there you have it!!”

Jasmine Lee: “The winner of this matchup as a result of a pin fall, Ray Kamaura!!!”

Brad Blood: “Pheeew!! Yaay Ray!!”

Jim Jackson: “A bold effort by the silverback but just not enough!!”

Brad Blood: “He tried to avoid that power but to no avail!!”

Jim Jackson: “Ray Kamaura bulldozes on and continues his show of dominace!!”

Lucha Loco 12/18/11 Ulol_b11

Jim Jackson: "Well there you have it folks, Lucha Loco is back, and if tonight's show tells us anything, it tells us things are going to really heat up the next few weeks."


Jim Jackson: "We are glad to be back, and tune in next week to see what reprocutions tonight will bring."

Brad Blood: "And it's CHRISTMAS!!!!!"

Lucha Loco 12/18/11 Ulol_b11
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PostSubject: Re: Lucha Loco 12/18/11   Lucha Loco 12/18/11 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 18, 2011 2:53 am

(OOC: just a slight bit of feedback here, you could have opened the show by mentioning Wolf hijacking the show. besides that t'was good)
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PostSubject: Re: Lucha Loco 12/18/11   Lucha Loco 12/18/11 I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 18, 2011 10:19 am

OCC: I agree, and I actually did throw in a quick thing about pirates taking over the show. I actually had a whole story worked out for everything that happened and why the show had not been on for 2 weeks. However, I decided not to go that route because I thought it would seem weird to say all this stuff happened yet none of the role plays reflected the same.
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PostSubject: Re: Lucha Loco 12/18/11   Lucha Loco 12/18/11 I_icon_minitime

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Lucha Loco 12/18/11
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