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 Fettel Marston and "Dad"

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Fettel Marston
Fettel Marston

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PostSubject: Fettel Marston and "Dad"   Fettel Marston and "Dad" I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 29, 2011 5:18 pm

Wrestler Name: Fettel Marston

Alignment: Tweener

Weight Class: Lightweight

Gender: Male

Gimmick: Happy go lucky wrestler with a split personality disorder

"The Devil's Own" by Five Finger Death Punch plays as Fettel Marston appears waving to the crowd. He walks down to the ring slapping fans' hands as he goes. He slides under the bottom rope to the enter the ring and proceeds to climb a turnbuckle where he poses by flexing his muscles. He walks over to another turnbuckle on the opposite side and this time poses by simply raising his arms in the air.

Wrestler Description:
Fettel is just over six feet tall and weighs 210 lbs. He has long jet black greasy hair, his eyes are bright green and his nose is quite short and pointed. He has a large scar that runs from the top of his eyebrow to the bottom of his eyesocket.
He wears wrestling trunks that are half black and half green along with boots of the same colour.

Short Bio:
Fettel is a criminally insane lunatic with a happy go lucky attitude. He loves life and tries to live it to the full.
Fettel was born into a rich family which was on his Fathers side. When Fettel was a year old his parents split up and his Father never wanted to see his son again. Paying no support towards his son he let Fettel and his mother go into poverty.
A few years on and Fettel's mother remarried. But the man Fettel's mother married was very abusive toward her. After watching his mother's second husband beat her several times Fettel soon developed mental problems, unknown to his mother. Eventually he developed his own image of his biological father only it developed in his mind.
One evening "Dad" picked up a knife and brutally murdered the violent husband. Fettel was found to be the murderer which he still denies. Fettel was admitted with a split personality disorder and was put into special care. When he was old enough Fettel was then admitted to an asylum.
With the help of "Dad" he worked on his body in any way he could. Eventually he was allowed out of the asylum to train in a gym. Fettel and "Dad" both agreed to wrestle and so began training at the age of sixteen.
Ten years on and "Dad" requested Fettel join a federation. Luckily for Fettel there was only one company that would ever comprehend taking him on.

Finisher(s): Mind Trouble - Fettel sprints towards the running opponent, leaps and smashes his knee into the opponents face executing Mind Trouble.

Brawl: 20
Speed: 100
Tech: 80
Charisma: 50
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Fettel Marston and "Dad"
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