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 Ryoma Ichimonji

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Ryoma Ichimonji
Ryoma Ichimonji

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PostSubject: Ryoma Ichimonji   Ryoma Ichimonji I_icon_minitimeSat May 07, 2011 9:01 pm

Wrestler Name: Ryoma Ichimonji

Alignment: Tweener

Weight Class: Heavyweight

Gender: Male

Gimmick: An unusually strong and possibly insane martial artist-turned-wrestler.

Entrance: Deep Red by JAM Project starts playing as footage from an old Japanese anime runs on the Titan Tron. The arena is dark, and lasers right out of a techno concert sweep the arena. When the main riff starts, the lasers disappear, the lights turn back on, and Ryoma can be seen standing atop the Titan Tron, arms crossed over his chest and scarf blowing in a convenient breeze. When the lyrics begin, he leaps off and lands on the ramp in a kneeling position, one fist against the floor, fireworks erupting from the stage behind him at the same time. Almost immediately after, he takes off, sprinting toward the ring and jumping over the ropes. Once there, he starts cracking his knuckles, waiting for the match to start.

Wrestler Description: A Japanese man in his late twenties, about 5'10". He leans a bit on the buff side, weighing a nice, even 260 lbs with muscles honed by a lifetime of hard physical training. His hair is short, unkempt, and a little spiky, with prominent sideburns. Outside the ring, he wears a brown gi with a white undershirt and sandals, with a green scarf loosely tied around his neck. Inside the ring, he sheds all of this in favor of a unitard that is dark blue on the chest and upper back, but considerably lighter blue everywhere else, and a white belt, black gloves, and dark blue boots.

Short Bio: Ryoma's family has practiced the world's most brutal form of karate for many generations, and he is no exception. Trained since the day he could walk, Ryoma has built up an absurdly high tolerance for pain and very dense bones, allowing him to pull off feats of endurance that most people can only dream of. Unfortunately, he's also grown up with a very strange view of the world, seeing nothing wrong with beating people within an inch of their lives for no other reason than because they claim to be strong fighters. He has been arrested many times for this attitude, only putting up a minimal fight because the police 'weren't worth the trouble'. Eventually, he found his way to ULOL, the idea of meeting other people like himself intriguing him. Since his arrival, he has been taken in by a certain wrestler as part of the Getter Team, in the hopes of turning him toward a path of peace. Although Ryoma acts like he's making progress when a certain wrestler is around, as soon as a certain wrestler stops looking, he'll go right back to picking fights with everyone he can. Despite his violent nature, he can sometimes act rather noble, and he puts in extra effort toward following the rules of any competition.


Getter Beam (Primary) - Ryoma has adopted the Getter Team's name for this finisher, in which he throws his opponent into the ropes and hits them with a painful lariat on their way back. Why it's referred to as a beam is anyone's guess.

Getter Tomahawk (Secondary) - Ryoma has adopted the Getter Team's name for this finisher, a powerful karate chop that is often said to feel like getting cut by an axe.


Brawl: 90
Speed: 60
Tech: 50
Charisma: 50
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Ryoma Ichimonji
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