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 Richard "The Dragon" Johnson

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Richard "The Dragon" John

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PostSubject: Richard "The Dragon" Johnson   Richard "The Dragon" Johnson I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 23, 2011 11:05 am

Wrestler Name: Richard "The Dragon" Johnson

Alignment: Tweener

Weight Class: Heavyweight (retired)

Gender: Male

Gimmick: Ladies man. Strong man. MMA martial artist.
Entrance: ::: The sound of burning fire and a reptilian roar erupts through the speakers. Flames dances on the screen as the pyro burns off the entranceway. A large red dragon comes into view on the Jumbotron and smashes through the screen, breaking them and comes towards the viewer. A fireball is born out of the mouth of the dragon and instantly a fireball and cherry bomb explode on the ramp, to the delight of the crowd. When everyone's vision clears for the flash and their hearing returns, the dragon is replaced on the screen with the words burning in fire Richard "The Dragon" Johnson!' ::::

::: "Hot Love" by Twisted Sister spouts out of the entrance area in-between the columns of pulsating pillars of flame popping up along the entrance ramp. A blinding white light shoots out and standing in silhouette is the dark image of a tall man. Walking forward out of the light, wearing a cobalt blue silk dobak with a silver twisting dragon from front to back, comes 'The dragon' Richard Johnson. His black trunks show a large dragonhead on the front of his crotch. The Dragon is shielding himself from his magnificence with a pair of mirrored navigator sunglasses. After pausing for dramatic effect and signaling to the crowd, the The Dragon makes his way to the ring:::

Wrestler Description: As above in entrance. Also, wearing mirrored navigator sunglasses. Tanned Caucasian with a chiseled muscular frame. Dark hair and without facial hair.

Short Bio: An ULoL Original! Richard "The Dragon" Johnson is a former "Mad" World Champion. Given his mocker more for his adult-star attributes, this superstar can back up his talk with his martial arts/street fighting as well. A sound mat technician, the "Modern Day Adonis" often resorts to intimidation to be the X-Factor in his many victories. But, "The Most Perfect Male Specimen in Sports Today" often is distracted from his pre-match studies from his many female fans, not that he's complaining!
Now in semi-retirement, the good life has done nothing to deter the Dragon from continuing to perfect the Perfect body or from his fans. He has returned to ULoL to do just that, and keep the Next Generation of Lunatics in line and remind them what a real man looks like.

Finisher(s): Riding The Cloud - Surfboard Dragon Sleeper combo submission, and the Reign of Fire Axekick.

Stats: (250 points to spend on 4 stats, 100 is the max stat. This is for the wrestling match simulator program. Smile)
Brawl: 50
Speed: 25
Tech: 75
Charisma: 100
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PostSubject: Re: Richard "The Dragon" Johnson   Richard "The Dragon" Johnson I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 24, 2011 6:23 am

Hello again, Dragon!
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Richard "The Dragon" Johnson
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