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 Lucha Loco 03/17/2011

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The Morbidly Obese Man
The Morbidly Obese Man

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PostSubject: Lucha Loco 03/17/2011   Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 17, 2011 10:37 am

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Luchal12

Jim Jackson: "Good evening and welcome to another edition of Lucha Loco, joining me at ringside is my partner Brad Blood. We have a great show lined up for you all tonight. First off we have Christopher Bain defending a lady's honor against Stank Lord. We also have great women's action as Nao Fook Mi, Raven Connoly and Samantha Collins will be taking on each other in a triangle match."

Brad Blood: "Former Primo Ultimo Shogun will also be in action tonight against the new and improved Taufik and for our main event we also have GoodFella & Schwarz defending their tag titles against The DWMA... Which up until now I have no idea what it means."

Jim Jackson: "That's right, with four great matches lined up for tonight, I'm sure we will provide the scratching to the wrestling itch our viewers have tonight. So without further ado, LET THE LUNACY BEGIN!"

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Ulolse10

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Behind12

In his locker room, Christopher Bain is lacing up his boots in preparation for his match against Stank Lord.

Christopher Bain: "Tonight, fortune has chosen me to fight for the honor and freedom of a lady, against the tyranny of the putrid filth known as the Stank Lord. For too long, that bully has tried to force his will upon the other members of the roster. For too long, he has gone unchallenged. That shall be no more. I am stepping up to the plate, and I am rearing back for that home-run hit that will teach him the lessons that he requires."

Bain finishes with his boots and looks up the camera.

Christopher Bain: "I know the hand of justice will feel heavy Stank, I also know that you will think of the impact as painful. You will be resentful of the defeat you shall suffer tonight, but in the end, I want you to realize that I am not only trying to help Stephanie and the rest of this roster, but I am trying to help you. I am trying to help you learn the errors of your ways and how to improve yourself to be a better Human. Don't think of me as the judge or the executioner, think of me as the rehabilitator."

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Ulolse10

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Allist11

Manolo Ferrer is seen on his phone, apparently discussing business as he heads to Allister King's office. He deftly walks around a janitor mopping the hall.

Manolo Ferrer: "...sure why he wants this fight. But it's a mismatch. He's already having trouble convincing anyone he can actually beat women in a wrestling match. Listen, I'm meeting up with the General Manager. Talk to you later."

Mr. Ferrer puts his phone away as he arrives at Allister King's office. He knocks on the door, but hears no response.

He reaches for the doorknob, to find that it's locked. Before he can continue, he hears someone calling his name.

Manolo Ferrer: "Bob. I take it Mr. King isn't available. Did he say when he'll be back?"

Bob Bobbie: "Guy's not taking any visitors for the time being. He didn't say when his office is gonna be open for that."

Mr. Ferrer is nonplussed.

Manolo Ferrer: "So, how is the roster going to ask him for matches and such?"

Bob Bobbie: "He told me he'd make an announcement. Guess he got distracted with stuff. Maybe you can push a note under his door or post a video."

Manolo Ferrer: "That doesn't sound very helpful. He's asking us to give him Powerpoint presentations?"

Bob Bobbie: "Maybe he just doesn't like face to face. I'm telling you all I know."

Manolo Ferrer looks blandly at the closed door in front of him. He leaves without saying a word.

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Ulolse10

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Behind10

The camera opens with Stank Lord walking in backstage just about to head out for his match as he talks.

Stank Lord: "So, it looks like Stephine actually found someone that would want to get into the ring with me, I find it to be a terrible mistake! This is going to stink for Christopher Bain because I have become the worst person he ever wants to face and tonight I'm going to show him why."

He finishes as he heads out to the ring for his match.

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Ulolse10

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Christ10VSLucha Loco 03/17/2011 Stankl10

Jim Jackson: "Welcome to the first match of the evening, tonight we kick things off with Christopher Bain against Stank Lord. Christopher Bain will be defending the honor of Ms. Stephanie Dawson in this match."

Brad Blood: "Kinda ambitious if you ask me, playing the knight in shining armor when he is still new here in ULOL."

Jasmine Lee: "Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a singles match scheduled for one fall! Introducing first Christopher Bain!"

"Take Over" by Dale Oliver begins playing throughout the arena as Christopher Bain steps out onto the entrance ramp. Walking to the center of the ramp, he stops for a moment before throwing his arms out wide as a volley of pyrotechnics explode behind him. As they subside, the young man begins walking towards the ring, slapping the hands of any fan who reaches out to him. When he arrives at ringside, he hops onto the ring apron before hopping over the top-rope. He climbs onto a turnbuckle to strike a quick pose for the fans.

Jim Jackson: "Bain was chosen by Stephanie Dawson to defend her honor after being repeatedly targeted by Stank Lord."

Brad Blood: "I still think Stephanie made the wrong choice, if I were her she should have chose a powerhouse like Shogun or TMOM or even the ULOL Primo Ultimo Champion Alexander Conway."

Jasmine Lee: "And his opponent for the evening, Stank Lord!"

"This Stinks" plays as Stank Lord appears on stage he looks around him then walks down the ramp and into the ring, he poses for the fans as he waits for his opponent.

Jim Jackson: "Stank Lord's obsession with Ms. Dawson reached a point where she sued him in court. The case is still pending and Stank Lord still continues to harass Ms. Dawson."

Brad Blood: "Well at least this stalker you can smell a mile away. Steph should have ample warning when Stank Lord is in the area."

Jasmine Lee: "The referee for this match is Don Q. Hotte. LET THE LUNACY BEGIN!"

Jim Jackson: "There's the bell! Bain wastes no time and charges in! Stank hits a dropkick on Christopher Bain."

Brad Blood: "Bain practically walks into that one! Stank Lord quickly hooks the leg, clearly he thinks little of Bain that he's confident a mere dropkick can finish Bain off."

Don Q. Hotte: "One..."

Jim Jackson: "Bain quickly kicks out! Stank Lord stuns Bain with a huge right. Tiger bomb by Stank Lord, executed to perfection."

Brad Blood: "We don't see too many good looking Tiger bombs. Stank Lord again hooks the leg."

Don Q. Hotte: "One! Tw..."

Jim Jackson: "Stank Lord barely gets a two there... Irish whip and Christopher Bain is sent crashing to the turnbuckles back first... Stank Lord takes aim and charges... Christopher Bain avoids a Stank Lord avalanche by getting out of the damn way!"

Brad Blood: "Oh! Stank Lord crashes to the turnbuckles and the wind gets knocked out of his lungs! Bain got lucky there he barely moved out in time."

Jim Jackson: "Hard back suplex on Stank. Stank Lord hits the mat hard. Bain runs to the ropes and gains momentum as he bounces back... Bain crushes Stank with a sweet running senton. Pinfall attempt!"

Don Q. Hotte: "One! Two..."

Brad Blood: "Stank gets a shoulder up at two! Stephanie probably is at the edge of her seat. Bain almost got the three count there."

Jim Jackson: "Irish whip by Bain sends Stank Lord to the ropes. Christopher Bain misses a clothesline. Bain bounces back... Back body drop by Stank Lord sends Bain to the air."

Brad Blood: "Oh! That's some serious air time. Bain crashes to the mat and even bounced up one more time before settling down. Stank goes for the cover."

Don Q. Hotte: "One! Two..."

Jim Jackson: "Stank Lord still only gets a two! Gutwrench into a stomach breaker. Bain may be winded. Stank Lord goes for the cover!"

Don Q. Hotte: "One! Two..."

Brad Blood: "Still only a two! Stank Lord cannot believe it and complains to the ref who only shrugs his shoulders."

Jim Jackson: "Stank Lord with an Irish whip sends Bain again into the turnbuckles. Stank Lord charges in... Christopher Bain again avoids a Stank Lord avalanche. A replay of earlier!"

Brad Blood: "Stank Lord staggers back, Bain with a leg trip rolls Stank Lord up! This could be his chance while Stank Lord is still stunned from hitting the turnbuckles chest first."

Don Q. Hotte: "One! Two..."

Jim Jackson: "Stank Lord kicks out! Bain with an Irish whip sends Stank Lord to the ropes. Stank Lord ducks below a clothesline attempt and bounces back. Bain spins out of the way out of a shoulder block attempt! Stank Lord bounces back and goes for a back body drop... Bain leaps over Stank Lord and bounces back!"

Brad Blood: "Both men are charging towards each other... With the momentum they gained from bouncing on the ropes a couple more times one hit could end this.... AND STANK LORD TRIPS!!!"


Jim Jackson: "Both men hit each other on the head in an accidental headbutt! Both men are down!"

Don Q. Hotte: "One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! Ten!"

Brad Blood: "Both wrestlers fails to answer to the ten count! The ref is calling for the bell!"

Jasmine Lee: "Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest has been declared a draw due to a double knock out!"

Jim Jackson: "Both men are starting to stir. They are just realizing what happened... The one that will suffer here would probably be Stephanie Dawson. This absolutely solved nothing."

Brad Blood: "Well I guess we may be seeing a rematch then."

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Ulolse10
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The Morbidly Obese Man
The Morbidly Obese Man

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PostSubject: Re: Lucha Loco 03/17/2011   Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 17, 2011 10:37 am

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Beyond10

The scene opens with a large mob of people running down the hard shoulder of a long and busy main road. They have torches and pitchforks in their hands and shout at the figure in front of them. The camera looks to the large figure running. Vehicles breeze past them and the passengers inside gaze in awe at the angry mob.

Cameraman: "Speed up I can't get a good look at him!"

The sound of an open back truck engine revs and and pulls up alongside the lone figure running away from the mob. Zombie looks to the camera and sticks his middle finger up to the camera. He looks behind him to the mob and as he looks a spear hits him in the back and pierces through to the front his chest. It throws him forward and he falls onto the ground.

Zombie: "Shit!"

Zombie quickly scrambles to his feet and takes off again this time the mob are but an arms length away. He looks to the camera again and his eyes light up as an idea comes to mind. Zombie sprints with all the might in his legs and jumps onto the back of the truck. He pulls himself into the back and looks to the camera. He lunges for the cameraman with a hard right hand. The camera falls to the floor of the truck and Zombie shouts to the driver.

Zombie: "Go faster you asshole! Get us outta here! They'll kill you two vultures if you stop now!"

The truck engine revs up and the camera is suddenly lifted up and Zombie's face appears. Zombie holds it in place in front of him.

Zombie: "Not even a mob would stop me Q! Know that I did not kill them! I could have but fortunately a more fatter and tastier American cameraman has been placed into my dinner plate! See you later!"

Zombie grins and chucks the camera out the back of the truck, it falls to the ground and the signal cuts out.

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Ulolse10

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Vehicu10

The scene opens in the parking lot of United League of Lunatics. We see that all parking places are filled with cars. It is another good evening for ULOL. People once again came to see none other than the Campeones Companero GoodFella & Schwarz retaining their titles against Dancing with the Stars competitors Ray Kamaura and Leon Hinomoto. They will kick their ass and move on to the next challenge later tonight. However as of now, we are still in the parking lot, and we see a car, a black Lincoln which drove into the parking lot and stops near the entrance of the building. A driver exits and opens doors for the person inside of the car. A person alights from the car and it is very beautiful woman. She looks gorgeous as she looks around her surroundings a minute later a man exit car as well, and it looks like one half of Campeones Companero Felix Schwarz, and this woman who came out before him is none other than the sister of Arnold “GoodFella” Bold.

Summer Bold: "Now lead the way to your locker room Felix. I hope he won’t be too surprised about my visit. We have a lot of things to talk about."

Felix Schwarz: "Sure. In my opinion, he will be very surprised, and you will need to explain him a lot of things."

Summer tells him to shut up and show the way to their locker room.

Summer Bold: "It’s not your damn business what I have to do, you are but the hired hand. So show me the way to your locker room now or I will find it myself. Am I clear?"

He nods his head like little puppy hiding in the closet, and nobody knows why all men are helplessness against her. She is one powerful woman in the world of the organized crime.

Felix Schwarz: " Yes this way madam."

Summer Bold is smiles as she knows that all men are helplessness against her charm, beauty and power, and that makes her so happy. From the delivery boy to the Chief of Justice all men are afraid of her. She clears her mind for the business at hand and goes the way just Felix showed her as the scene fades away.

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Ulolse10




Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Dietwa10

Available in stores everywhere.

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Ulolse10

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Thesqu10

"Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor starts playing on the speakers as flashing multicolored lights starts flashing at the top of the entrance ramp as smoke rises from the floor. A small form suddenly bounces out of the entrance tunnel and through the smoke which is slowly clearing. The crowd looks wide-eyed at the small midget standing on top of the entrance ramp with both arms in the air waving a victory sign with his fingers. The midget runs down the ramp and scampers into the ring. Little Wang grabs a mic and begins to speak.

Little Wang: "Last week, we all saw Lucian Blackheart luck out and win against Brostar and my tag partner Nao Fook Mi. I say luck out because if you all saw the match, Lucian barely did anything at all. Unluckily for Brostar, Blackheart took advantage of the situation when he hit the A.O.B. Blackheart's performance just showed us one thing. His in-ring wrestling skills are mediocre at best. He needed others to finish the job for him."

A murmur of affirmation echoes through the crowd.

Little Wang: "Thus to avenge my partner's loss, I challenge you Lucian Blackheart for that belt you do not deserve! Next week! Here in Lucha Loco! What say you?"

Little Wang waits for Lucian to reply to his challenge.

The arena lights turn purple and start to flicker. "Kill Everybody by SKRILLEX" blasts through the arena speakers as the arena fills with purple smoke. Purple and white spotlights scatter around the arena and then shines on and follow Lucian Blackheart as he makes his way to the ring posing and interacting with the fans.

Lucian Blackheart: "Luck out? It was a tactical move. This form of entertainment isn't just about strength, speed, or willpower. You have to be planning two steps ahead at all times. Something Brostar obviously hasn't picked up yet."

With an annoyed look on his face Lucian stares directly at Little Wang.

Lucian Blackheart: "I'm sick of people like you who expect a title match without even having to earn it. I should be telling you to go set yourself up with a number 1 contenders match.

Lucian calms himself and a devious smile appears on his face.

Lucian Blackheart: "But being the kind person I am. I'll accept your challenge. After all this is sports entertainment, and I am without a doubt the best damn entertainer there is!

Lucian takes his eyes off of Little Wang and draws his attention to the crowd.

Lucian Blackheart: "Who wants to see 'The Ace' verses the 'Oriental Dwarf'? How about we size up?"

Lucian laughs as he turns back to Little Wang. He gets down on his knees and puts his hands out as if he is trying to grapple with Little Wang.

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Ulolse10

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Thesqu10

"I Am...All of Me" by Crush 40 plays as choirs of boos can be heard around the arena, Brostar comes out through the tunnel with a new blue jacket and red tights with yellow lighting bolts at the sides. Brostar raises his right arm with his fist in the air he walks down the ramp continue to smile and refusing to tag the fans hands. Brostar walks to the announcers and grabs a mic and climbs into the ring and begins to speak.

Brostar: So, my plans last week didn't make much success, as I was seconds away from what is mine, the Ligero Maximo Championship. I had Nao Fook Mi pinned after I hit my most favorite and famous finisher the Aussie Outback Blackout!!! When all of sudden Lucian Blackheart comes out of nowhere and nicks the pin away from me and my title."

Some cheer while some boo after what Brostar said.

Brostar: "There is nothing for you to CHEER ABOUT, NOW SHUT UP!!!!"

Boos get louder as cheering stops.

Brostar: "Now as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted by you people. I had something very important in mind unlike every single one of you."

Boos go louder and louder as chants of "Brostar Suck!!!" can also be heard around the arena.

Brostar: "You see, for weeks now I can't seem to get a win a match. Which I even find shameful. But I found an idea, I'm going to go back to my winning ways by starting a winning streak, and with that said I'm going to beat every single person in this fed, and I have a list right here full of wrestlers for me to face next week. Now lets see who I got here."

He says as he looks at a piece of paper.

Brostar: "There are a lot of great wrestlers for me to face like Nao Fook Mi, Shogun, Goodfella, Zombie, Raven and a lots, lots more. But I have found the exact person to face next week which will be The Masked Man!!!! Next week I hope the man steps up to the challenge and faces me like a man!!! But even through that might happen he will lose and just like everyone else he will be addicted to me, he will be addicted to Brostar and I'll be the addiction that you just can't KICK!!!!"

With that said "I Am...All of Me" plays again Brostar drops the mic and gets out of the ring, he raises his hands again with his fist in the air and walks back up the ramp and through the tunnel to backstage as the camera fades away.

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Ulolse10

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The Morbidly Obese Man
The Morbidly Obese Man

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PostSubject: Re: Lucha Loco 03/17/2011   Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 17, 2011 10:37 am

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Behind12

The scene opens backstage where we see ULOL's backstage interviewer Stephanie Dawson standing beside the superstar from China, Nao Fook Mi. Stephanie Dawson dusts her suit and brings the mic to her lips signaling the start of the interview.

Stephanie Dawson: "Good evening ladies and gentlemen, we are here backstage with ULOL superstar Nao Fook Mi. Nao Fook Mi has been suffering a string of losses, the most recent is her loss to Lucian Blackheart on her quest to the Ligero Maximo title. Ms. Nao, any words for your fans watching tonight?"

Nao Fook Mi nods and brings the mic to her lips.

Nao Fook Mi: "Yes it is true that I've been on a losing streak. A streak that means only one thing. I have to refocus myself again. I can stand here crying foul to how Lucian Blackheart won the Ligero Maximo title but what will that accomplish? Absolutely nothing. So tonight, in this triangle match I have against Raven Connoly and Samantha Collins, I shall work my hardest to end my streak and then resume my climb to be one of the top wrestlers here in ULOL. Now if you all can excuse me, I think it's about time for my match. Thank you for the opportunity for me to address my fans."

Fook Mi takes a bow and walks away. Stephanie Dawson brings the mic back to her lips.

Stephanie Dawson: "Well you all heard it first. Strong words from one of the most honorable warriors here in ULOL. Back to guys in the booth."

The scene fades to black.

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Ulolse10

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Naofoo11VSLucha Loco 03/17/2011 Ravenc10

VSLucha Loco 03/17/2011 Samant10

Jim Jackson: "Next we have triangle match between three of ULOL's female wrestlers."

Brad Blood: "Some women's action now this will be good eye-candy."

Jasmine Lee: "Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a triangle match scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, Nao Fook Mi!"

Oriental music starts playing on the background as smoke covers the mouth of the entrance tunnel. Suddenly out leaps Nao Fook Mi wearing a short cheongsam. She quickly makes her way down entrance ramp and enters the ring. She bows and gives her respect to the crowd before heading to her corner.

Jasmine Lee: "Introducing next Raven Connoly!"

"Warriors Code" By The Dropkick Murphy's starts to play throughout the arena. Raven runs out onto the stage, she throws her fist in the air and screams as a barrage of fireworks go off behind her.

Jasmine Lee: "And introducing last Samantha Collins!"

Soundgarden's "Black Rain" begins to blast from the PA system as Samantha Collins makes her way out to the entrance ramp. She stands and lights a cigarette before heading down to the ring. She drops the lit cigarette and stomps it out before entering the ring.

Jasmine Lee: "The referee for tonight is Jack B. Nimble! LET THE LUNACY BEGIN!"

Jim Jackson: "Samantha Collins connects with a back heel kick on Raven and gets back up quickly. Standing leg lariat by Samantha Collins on Fook Mi."

Brad Blood: "The GM's broad is doing pretty well. At least we know she's not just another pretty face."

Jim Jackson: "Raven counters a sleeper with a jaw breaker and is able to get free! Raven hits an arm drag on Collins, follows it up with about 3 more and locks in an armbar for good measure."

Brad Blood: "That armbar is locked in tight on Collins, she may tap out... Wait here comes Fook Mi!"

Jim Jackson: "Fook Mi crushes Raven with a huge legdrop. Fook Mi quickly hooks Raven's leg as Collins nurses her shoulder..."

Jack B. Nimble: "One! Two..."

Brad Blood: "Kick out by Raven, she and Fook Mi start battling it out."

Jim Jackson: "Collins uses a basement dropkick to the knee on Nao Fook Mi! She goes after Raven next and hits a half Nelson pin maneuver!"

Jack B. Nimble: "One! Two..."

Brad Blood: "Kick out by Raven, Samantha Collins lands two dropkicks one on Raven and one on Fook Mi! Dang she's really giving both Raven and Fook Mi a run for their money."

Jim Jackson: "Collins climbs up to the top of the ring post... Collins goes for a frog splash but Fook Mi puts the knees up."

Brad Blood: "Samantha Collins goes crashes and burns. Raven and Fook Mi gets back to their feet. I see a double team attempt."

Jim Jackson: "Raven and Fook Mi whip Collins into the ropes and hit a double clothesline. Raven Connoly with an enziguri and Fook Mi staggers back! STIFF high kick on Raven by Nao Fook Mi."

Brad Blood: "That sent Fook Mi staggering to the ropes, she's still on her feet and she blocks Raven's next kick!"

Jim Jackson: "Fook Mi starts attacking with her own kicking combination. Raven is being sent back... Collins gets up, Fook Mi floors her with a huge spinning backfist! Fook Mi goes for a piledriver on Raven Connoly..."

Brad Blood: "Raven backdrops Nao Fook Mi out of a piledriver attempt. That took a lot out of Raven Connoly. A good counter though."

Jim Jackson: "Here comes Collins... Raven hits a dropkick on Samantha Collins. Raven Connoly grabs Samantha Collins and throws her into the turnbuckle, Raven Connoly runs towards Samantha Collins, does a cartwheel jumping into the air and wrapping her legs around their head, Raven Connoly locks her legs around their head and pulls them to the mat locking in a koji clutch executing a Taste of Heaven!"

Brad Blood: "That's Raven's patented submission finisher! This could be it! NO! Fook Mi for the save! Good springboard leg drop by Fook Mi!"

Jim Jackson: "Hurricanrana by Fook Mi sends Raven over the top rope! Samantha Collins staggers into Fook Mi's sights... Nao Fook Mi slips behind her opponent and locks her forearms over her opponent's neck and nape choking her opponent to unconsciousness executing a devastating Fook Mi to Sleep!!! Samantha Collins goes limp! The ref calls for the bell!"

Before Jasmine Lee could announce the winner out from the back the vice-general manager of ULOL comes out holding a briefcase. Eunice P. Winslow strolls down the entrance ramp and enters the ring.

Brad Blood: "Wait! What is she doing here?"

Eunice P. Winslow: "Good evening everyone, pardon my intrusion but I am here tonight to officially announce one thing. Tonight I shall officially launch the ULOL Campeón no Masculino!"

Eunice P. Winslow opens her briefcase and pulls out a new belt.

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Campeo10

The crowd cheers at the new belt.

Eunice P. Winslow: "And, also, I shall also add that tonight, since Nao Fook Mi bested two of ULOL's best female wrestlers, she shall be thus crowned as THE FIRST ULOL Campeón no Masculino!"

The cheers grow louder!

Jasmine Lee: "Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match and your NEW ULOL Campeón no Masculino, Nao Fook Mi!"

Jim Jackson: "Whoa! A new belt! We have a new title!"

Eunice P. Winslow: "I know that we are currently short on female wrestlers but I have started to hire new wrestlers to fill the women's roster. So be patient and soon we shall have the women's division be at par with the rest of the roster."

Eunice drops the mic, shakes Fook Mi's hand and exits the ring.

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Ulolse10

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Thesqu10

My Apocalypse by Arch Enemy starts playing around the arena as The Masked Man makes his way down to the ring with a mic in hand.

The Masked Man: "I'm going to keep this short and sweet. Brostar, you are not even worth my time! I am a future champion in ULOL and your a just a small fry, why don't you just quit wrestling and take up being a jockey or something! And if you are too young and stupid to understand what I just said my answer to your fight is NO!"

The Masked Man drops the mic and heads backstage.

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Ulolse10

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Behind12

The massive giant also known as The Morbidly Obese Man is seen in his locker room alone. His partner "Unstoppable" Jack Johnson is nowhere to be seen, not like it would change the mood the big man is currently feeling.

The huge behemoth suddenly brings his fists down on the bench shattering it in half. Clearly he is still upset over his loss to Shogun the previous week.

The Morbidly Obese Man: "So damned close! I was so damned close to winning that match against Shogun. I should have won that match hands down... THAT MATCH SHOULD HAVE BEEN MINE!"

This time directing his anger to the locker doors, The Morbidly Obese Man backhands a door off it's hinges. Both the bench and the locker room doors are clearly innocent bystanders unluckily caught in the big wrestler's unreasonable rage. Just when a third casualty which was the towel basket is about to join the unfortunate locker doir and bench a loud rumbling emanated from The Morbidly Obese Man's stomach.


The Morbidly Obese Man: "Whoop! Snack time."

The Morbidly Obese Man puts the towel basket down which would have sighed in relief if it had consciousness and walks out the door looking to devour some food as the screen fades to black.

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Ulolse10

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Thesqu10

The scene started with the ring has been set up and there is two set of sofa in the ring while there is one set of trash can filled with Singapore Cane on the host sofa. There is two spotlights move left to right as though there were prison as Jasmine Lee is making an announcement.

Jasmine Lee: "Ladies and Gentleman, This is the first ever Canning session and here is the host of this show, He is a member of "The Age Of Pain" Taufik."

"Reality" by Jim Johnston started playing as Taufik making his way to the ring with this new theme song. Taufik with a fedora hat and walking his way to the ring and once he reached to the ring, he take the mic from the table as he started to speak.

Taufik: "Welcome to the first ever Canning Session. I'm Taufik and I have dated a lot of girls in high school. More than you can say Football. This is the first ever Canning session has started and tonight I want to do something, I'm going to bring a guest and now my first ever guest in this session is none other than, Shogun."

The crowd begins to give mixed reaction to Shogun but Taufik continues to talk.

Taufik: "Unfortunately I am here to inform you he is not here yet but we got him via satellite. Hey there Shogun."

A picture of Shogun and a mouth that can move is shown on the ULOL Tron as Taufik ask some questions.

Taufik: "Hey "Shogun" where are you and why are you still not here yet?"

Fake "Shogun": "I'm not here right now is because I am on my way there from getting out of "The Darkness" that Q always have told you guys. What Q were saying were true all this while."

Taufik: "What a interesting revelation there "Shogun". Well another question, how much are you prepared to face me?"

Fake "Shogun": "I am not prepared for you at all Taufik, you are so awesome and cool that even I would never reached to the status that you are now Taufik. I might lose to you way before you hit your finisher."

Taufik: "Thanks for the compliment Shogun, well tonight you will get the ass kicking you deserve..."

"A Victim, A Target" by Misery Signals blasts though the arena speakers ans the lights begin to flash on and off. The fans are giving mixed reactions to Shogun arrival but only to disappoint the fans as a manikin of Shogun with bob the intern making his way to the ring as once they reached to the ring, Taufik started talking.

Taufik: "Thanks a lot for showing up now "Shogun". I thought you will not show up at all, you know something "Shogun" I hate you and I will make sure that our match, I will show that I am truly deserve being the No.1 contender for the Ultimo Primo title."

Taufik takes out a Singapore Cane of from the trash can and Taufik strikes"Shogun" continually and Taufik keep on hitting on the manikin till his Singapore Cane got busted.

Taufik: "Now we have to go to something important here. There is rumor flying around about a match that will involved the winner having this golden ticket. That is right people, I'm talking about the Boleto Dorado. If the rumor was true, then Allister. I know you may be drunk when you watch this but your wife isn't so Mrs. Allister, put me in to that match so I can win the ticket and get a title shot that I really deserve cause I have been put down too much and I'm sure Mr.Manolo knows about it."

Taufik take a short breather before continuing

Taufik: "All I can remember is that the last time I had a title match is against, Morbidly Stoppable and for that vacant Ultimo Primo and that was my only shot ever since. I wonder why the GM doesn't give me a no.1 contender match when they know I deserve it. I guess the Management are afraid of me winning that strap and never letting it go as I will keep retaining my title. If the rumor are true about the Boleto Dorado ticket match, I will make sure I will get the ticket one way or another.

Reality started playing in the speaker as Taufik pose in the ring before making his way back and as he about to go to the curtain, he turned around and muttered that I will do it one way or another if this is true, then he went to the curtain.

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Ulolse10
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PostSubject: Re: Lucha Loco 03/17/2011   Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 17, 2011 10:38 am

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Thesqu10

"I Am...All of Me' by Crush 40 plays as Brostar appears on stage with a mic and begins to speak.

Brostar: "Guess who's back!!! As you all know I set a challenge to Masked Man and he declined. I am now thinking there is a reason why he is called the Masked Man so he can hide his gutless coward character, and he needs to know from a former World champion that to be a big name in here and be the champion you need to prove yourself against any challenge that is on your road you decide to follow."

Brostar: "But anyways, now I have to find someone else to face, and already have chosen to face a person who I think, is a real challenge that have fought before but did not win but next week will be different because I am challenging Raven Connoly right here next week!!!"

The crowd cheer at the person's name he just said as "I Am...All of Me" Hits again as he walks back through the entrance tunnel.

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Ulolse10

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Vehicu10

The sidewalks and empty lots, once crowded with thousands of people protesting the removal of the man who used to run the ULOL, once again are packed with a multitude of demonstrators. New booths and stages have been erected. Banners and signs are waved in the air, their messages directed at the man whom they protested against, not so long ago.

The chants that call for the heads of Marcus Troy and his minions are filled with a focused, burning urgency. The shouts grow louder as effigies of Troy and Zombie are set on fire.

The chant turn to shrieks of near lust and joy, as the main stage reveals a man making his way up to speak to the crowd. But he is no ordinary man. Indeed, he is none other than the upstanding ubermensch of the wrestling ring. He is the one and only Quioaecaopedidwazhapzhing.

Quioaecaopedidwazhapzhing: [My legions of loving countrymen! I bid you hello!]

They howl and cheer for him.

Quioaecaopedidwazhapzhing: [It was only a few months ago when our brave countrymen stood their ground, right here! They cane here to fight a holy war to get rid of the man who used to be the General Manager of the ULOL!]

The mere mention of such a man draws bloodthirsty shrieks.

Quioaecaopedidwazhapzhing: [Our dearest loved ones didn't have to die that day! But that walking waste of a mother's love did the most ungodly act one can think of! And now HE sits in THERE! Now just a VICE General Manager!]

He points to the ULOL building across the street.

Quioaecaopedidwazhapzhing: [That product of his father's gargled sperm is no longer the Ungeneral Manager of that ULOL! But that doesn't mean OUR PEOPLE are unmurdered and uneaten! His demotion changes nothing! HE must be punished! His MINIONS must be punished! We can't ask for anything less!]

His countrymen raise their pitchforks and effigies of Marcus Troy and Zombie. Many of the effigies are strung up on nooses.

Quioaecaopedidwazhapzhing: [That zombie wants to know he won't change who he is for nobody! I am certainly NOT asking him to change! I see Ray Kamaura looks at that zombie and goes HE'S SO BIG AND STIFF! CAN I TOUCH HIM, ALEX! And I get angry at that! But if Ray wants to see if you still have a little zombie, I will help him find out! And then I will take your stiff, meaty zombie balls, and I will stick them in your face! And I will make sure you see it coming!

His countrymen cheer, with many fervently hoping this comes to pass.

Quioaecaopedidwazhapzhing: [But I reserve the right to pay back that Unfriend of my people even more of the pain he has caused my countrymen and legions of loyal fans! I will help you bring the biggest ratings to the ULOL that you've ever dreamed of! And I will do it by making the fans happy! Because I WILL put the ME in YOUR sodomy!]

Wild cheers break out from his people, as Quioaecaopedidwazhapzhing points defiantly at the ULOL building. We see many of his countrymen throwing garbage at the building, yelling vicious chants at Marcus Troy.

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Ulolse10

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Thesqu10

A Victim, A Target by Misery Signals hits the speakers. After a moment fire spouts from the entrance ramp and "The Demonic God" Shogun can be seen walking through. The familiar emotionless expression can be seen glued to the mans face as he makes his slow decent down the ramp towards the ring to the fans dismay. Soon Shogun enters the ring and takes a mic from an awaiting ring hand where where he now begins to speak.

Shogun: "As I said I would, I destroyed the largest man in the business with ease. Tonight however I face a pathetic "challenge". I face the poster boy of the age of pain..I face a worthless waste of space who I WILL demolish with ease. You see tonight I face "Dashing" Taufik or should I say the NEW Taufik! The same Taufik who thought he would ride my coat tails in that little group Marcus had! I remember you Taufik..oh yes..You seem to think you have a high level of skill! Prowess that matches the greats of the ring. Taufik..your skills are on the level of the likes of former world champions! Champions such as Brostar and David Arquette!"

The crowd is stunned into silence at this comment.

Shogun: "In all seriousness Taufik is going to be destroyed tonight. There will be no chance of victory for him whether or not his friends from his weakling stable decide to join in! You have all been forced into a match that you cannot win and when I finish with Taufik? I will be going right for you Conway...I will win my title back!"

Shogun drops the mic and leaves the ring after placing a black rose in the center.

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Ulolse10

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Shogun10VSLucha Loco 03/17/2011 Taufik11

Jasmine Lee: "Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first Taufik!"

"All that Remains" starts playing as Taufik walks out and pryos started to come out as he makes his way to the ring with his trusty Singapore Cane. When he reaches the ring, he raises his Singapore Cane as another set of pryos come out before he waits for his victim.

Jasmine Lee: "And his opponent for tonight, Shogun!"

A Victim, A Target by Misery Signals blasts though the arena speakers ans the lights begin to flash on and off. As the lyrics begin Shogun bursts from behind the curtains with fire erupting from the ramp beside him. Shogun begins to make his way to the ring with a look of pure intensity on his face. as he makes it to the ring he runs up and rolls into the ring the expression on his face unchanged.

Jim Jackson: "Shogun has been in a foul mood ever since he lost his title, Taufik will need to be on his toes to keep from being Shoguns next victim."

Brad Blood: "You said that as if Shogun isn't always in an awful mood."

Jim Jackson: "Point taken."

Jasmine Lee: "The referee for tonight is Don Q. Hotte. LET THE LUNACY BEGIN!"

Brad Blood: "The bell rings and Shogun goes to work driving a HARD forearm into the chest of Tau."

Jim Jackson: "Taufik avoids a Shogun avalanche by getting out of the damn way! Tau scoops and slams Shogun."

Brad Blood: "What's the difference between a scoop slam and a body slam anyway?"

Jim Jackson: "They are both spelled and pronounced differently. The referee bumps after catching a wild right hand and is down."

Brad Blood: "Hot damn, the ref's down, now it'll get good!!"

Jim Jackson: "Taufik drills Shogun with a press slam into a Michinoku Driver! Cover, but there's no one to count for Taufik!"

Brad Blood: "Thems the brakes, to bad for Tau. Shogun elbows Taufik in the face to break a hammerlock."

Jim Jackson: "Stun Gun from Shogun! I still can't believe that was Austin's finisher at one point."

Brad Blood: "Yeah, its about as lame as watching a wrestler do the exact same thing every single time he shows up...., Oh wait, never mind."

Jim Jackson: "Tau walks into a jaw breaker. Tau hooks the leg."

Don Q. Hotte: "1-2-"

Brad Blood: "only a two count. Delayed BRAINBUSTAH~!!!!"

Jim Jackson: "Why the hell are you screaming?! Shogun goes for a pinfall attempt."

Don Q. Hotte: "ONE...TWO..."

Brad Blood: "NO! Tau counters a sleeper with a jaw breaker and is able to get free! Shogun gets hit with a HUGE clothesline. Another cover, Tau really wants to end this."

Don Q. Hotte: "ONE...TWO..."

Jim Jackson: "Shogun kicks out, I honestly thought that match was going to end right then and there. Shogun blocks the suplex attempt and is able to hit the suplex instead!"

Brad Blood: "Taufik gets whipped into the turnbuckles by Shogun. Shogun has that look in his face."

Jim Jackson: "Shogun lifts Taufik up into into the air in a half nelson and then into a backdrop position before slamming Taufik down to a sitting position, slamming the back of his neck to the canvas executing a Demonic Sacrifice!!!!"

Don Q. Hotte: "1....2....3!!"

Jasmine Lee: "Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match via pinfall... Shogun!!!"

Brad Blood: "It's all over. Shogun picks up another win, and yet he still looks just as pissed, go figure."

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Ulolse10

Have you always wanted a pet but cannot afford one?

Have you always wanted a pet but is afraid that it'll destroy the furniture?

Have you always wanted a pet but do not have the time to feed and walk it?


Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Freeca10


Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Ulolse10
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The Morbidly Obese Man

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PostSubject: Re: Lucha Loco 03/17/2011   Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 17, 2011 10:38 am

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Thesqu10

"Hunt You Down" by Saliva blares throughout the arena as the arena darkens. A few moments pass before green and red lights flash through the darkness as Alexander Conway steps out from the back dressed in his signature designer Brioni tuxedo. He moves through the darkness to the tone of one, long, thunderous boo from the audience. He takes his time entering the ring, walking up the metal steps and even wiping his feet on the apron before finally stepping inside the ring. He motions for a microphone to be brought to him, but finds himself instead catching it as the ring hand decided to simply throw it to him.

Alexander Conway: "The next time you throw this at me, my foot will be up your ass! I am the reigning Primo Ultimo Champion, and I will be DAMNED if I allow some insignificant ring hand to disrespect me!"

Another thunderous boo flows from around the arena.

Alexander Conway: "Whoops, I think I may have left my ability to care about what you people think at home."

No surprise, another set of booing.

Alexander Conway: "BOO! BOO! BOO! Is that all you morons can do?"

A chant of "You Suck" replaces the booing.

Alexander Conway: "Well, at least the dogs have more than one tone of bark. Enough of riling you up, I have more important things to address than you. For some reason Allister, you see it fit to have Shogun fight both The Morbidly Obese Man and now Taufik before he takes me on in the rematch we should have already had. Allister, I realize you are nearly always drunk, and have a difficult time thinking in general, but this is redundant. Nobody wants to see Shogun defeat the second half of Morbidly Stoppable. Nobody wants to see Shogun defeat the third wheel of the Age of Suck. What people do want to see, is Alexander Conway defeat the so-called "Demonic God" again. Or, at least, I want to see it, mainly because I get a bonus for defending the title....or, Championship Zombie. So Allister, next time that you are conscious, book the damn match! Preferably, you should book it as the Main Event of the next PPV, because it is the only match worthy of that position."

Alexander drops the microphone and walks over to the ropes. As he steps between them, he stops. He turns back around and walks back to the center of the ring, picking up the microphone he had just dropped.

Alexander Conway: "I had almost forgot. Taufik, don't talk about wanting a title shot. You do not deserve it. You will never deserve it. You will never have this title or the ticket, so you may as well keep dreaming you untalented, disease-ridden, flea-bitten, bastard son of a dung farmer!"

With that, Alexander drops the microphone and exits the ring in the same fashion he entered. Ignoring the fans, he walks up the ramp before disappearing backstage.

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Ulolse10

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Behind12

Summer Bold finally standing in the front of the doors of The Age of Pain locker room and moments away from meeting her brother Arnold who she have not seen in a long time. She doesn’t look like she’s nervous at all as she knocks on the door and waits until someone opens it. Arnold “GoodFella” Bold opens the door and can’t believe that in front of his eyes is really her sister whom he thought was missing. Even though he thinks that it’s just a dream, he tells her to come in. She enters and starts to talk.

Summer Bold: "Before we go any further I would like for Felix to wait outside. I don’t want him to hear our conversation. I will explain how I know Felix and situation that he is currently is in."

Felix has no reason not to listen so he closes the door and waits outside leaving brother and sister to talk together.

Arnold “GoodFella” Bold: "So that time when I got a call it was really you. I didn’t want to believe but despite that fact deep in my heart, I knew that is you. So what is the reason that brings you here if I may ask? What’s the thing with Felix?"

Summer Bold: "Oh don’t worry about that yet you have a title defense match tonight so I don’t want to make you angry or nervous. However, I can say that truth will be revealed soon enough, I have much to tell you brother. Revelations that you may not like. I'll be waiting for you here after your match."

Arnold “GoodFella” Bold leaves her in his locker room. Felix was standing outside the locker and was thinking how it will affect his relationship with Arnold. Both guys are now on their way to the backstage area for their match.

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Ulolse10

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Thesqu10

It was another beautiful evening in ULOL, as the capacity crowd in the filled arena patiently waits for their favorite ULOL superstars to make their appearance the speakers suddenly comes to life playing the song "Believe" by Cher. Suddenly the ULOL Tron starts to flash and a message is seen playing again and again and again...

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Return10

The crowd stares on at the message as the song finally ends and the screen grows silent once more.

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Ulolse10

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Behind12

The scene started with Taufik in "The Age Of Pain" locker room and Taufik was watching the television and was listening to what Alexander Conway has to say about Taufik not being the deserving champion. Stephanie Dawson makes her way to Taufik and start talking to him

Stephanie Dawson: "Taufik, you have just heard what Alexander Conway has to say. What is your respond to his statement?"

Taufik: "Well Alexander say all you want cause it just shows you how desperate you are going away from me as you know I can beat you and take the strap off from you. Conway, or shall I say Conman. If you think your better than me, why not step into the ring with me, let's say next week and we see who deserve that title more."

Taufik walks out of the locker room as the scene fades to black.

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Ulolse10

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Behind12

The Scene opens with Ray and Leon preparing for there title match. Leon is throwing punches at a bag hanging from the ceiling and Ray is tying his boots.

Ray Kamaura: "Tonight if you get pinned, kick out. If you get put in a submission hold, you break free. Understand? Tonight we have to beat The Age of Pain and bring the ULOL Campeónes Compañero to The DWMA! Alexander already held up his part of the bargain and brought the Primo Ultimo Championship to The DWMA, and tonight he will be with us at ringside. So then, Leon tonight, we have the biggest match of our lives. All I can ask you right now is... Are you ready?"

Ray pauses and waits for Leon to reply.

Leon Hinomoto: "I was born ready! How long was it sinse we last held championship gold?"

Ray looks at Leon with a very strange expression on his face.

Ray Kamaura: "Hmmmm. It must have been back in Japan. But that all changes tonight."

A third man steps in, interrupting them. Both members of the DWMA are surprised to find Manolo Ferrer, manager of the Age of Pain, facing them.

Manolo Ferrer: "I'm very surprised to find out you two are challenging for my clients' titles, instead of the IRA. Since the General Manager isn't available, I'm assuming he felt sorry after watching you two get your stomachs pumped last week, and gave you two the title shot."

His words are stern, and disappointed in their tone.

Manolo Ferrer: "You can try beating the Age of Pain. But that's as far as you'll be getting with my clients. Because Mr. Bold and Mr. Schwarz are just better prepared than you."

Manolo Ferrer turns to leave.

Manolo Ferrer: "And because you tend to choke at the worst possible time."

Then he's gone.

Leon looks stunned and after the door closes he yells.

Leon Hinomoto: "Keep it up and you will choke on my fist."

Ray yells too

Ray Kamaura: "I know how they got their name! It pains the fans to watch them! I swear to god after I whip them damn lightweights, you're next!"

Ray and Leon calm down and turn to each other.

Ray Kamaura: "Anyway tonight we have to prove that son of a bitch wrong. We are The DWMA and we don't choke."

Leon Hinomoto: "Unless we take a bite of a huge steak and don't chew it good enough. Okay, let's get to the ring."

Ray Kamaura: "THAT WAS ONE TIME!"

Leon and Ray turns and walk out the door.

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Ulolse10
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The Morbidly Obese Man

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PostSubject: Re: Lucha Loco 03/17/2011   Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 17, 2011 10:38 am

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Campea10

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Arnold10&Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Felixs10


Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Leonhi10&Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Raykam10

Jim Jackson: "Well coming next, we have the main event, The DWMA will be fighting to try and take the titles away from GoodFella and Schwarz."

Brad Blood: "The DWMA have been trying to get the titles for a while now. Tonight, they actually get their chance."

Jasmine Lee: "Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a tag match scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, they are the current and reigning ULOL Campeónes Compañero, Arnold "GoodFella" Bold and Felix Schwarz, GoodFella & Schwarz!"

"Fire Flame" by Birdman starts to sound, the light suddenly turns off after a few seconds it starts again and Felix and Arnold are standing in the middle of the ring and waving to their fans.

Jasmine Lee: "Introducing next the challengers, Leon Hinomoto and Ray Kamaura, The DWMA!"

The lights go out and a laser show starts when "Corroded Dreams" by Ride The Sky starts blast in the arena. After 25 seconds Ray Kamaura and Leon walk slowly to the start of the ramp. Both superstars stop and the lights turn back on after lightning strikes behind them. The lasers continue as Ray and Leon slowly enter the ring. They go to different ring posts and climb them, then strike a pose. Ray and Leon move to the same side of the ring and wait for their challengers.

Brad Blood: "So does anyone really know what the hell The DWMA means?!"

Suddenly the charismatic masked enigma also known as Quioaecaopedidwazhapzhing pops out beside Brad Brad and speaks into the mic.

Quioaecaopedidwazhapzhing: "The Dildoed Wombats Masturbating Acrobatically!"

And just as mysteriously he popped in Quioaecaopedidwazhapzhing disappears back under the announce table.

Brad Blood: "That the fu..."

Jasmine Lee: "The referee for this match is Jack B. Nimble. LET THE LUNACY BEGIN!"

Jim Jackson: "Alexander Conway has made his way to ringside and will be waiting in The DWMA's corner. It looks like GoodFella and Ray Kamaura will be starting things off for their respective teams. Arnold "GoodFella" Bold uses his superior speed to strike first and nails a running forearm to the face. GoodFella slams Ray Kamaura down and motions to the crowd."

Brad Blood: "That was a slam?! He barely lifted Kamaura off the ground! It was more like an awkward shove. GoodFella for the cover."

Jack B. Nimble: "One! Tw..."

Jim Jackson: "Kamaura gets a shoulder up! A knee drop by GoodFella connects. Tag between Arnold "GoodFella" Bold and Felix Schwarz. GoodFella & Schwarz hook up Kamaura, then hit a double suplex."

Brad Blood: "Nice double team work by the champs. Schwarz hooks the leg... I still think it's too early but maybe they are counting on getting lucky."

Jack B. Nimble: "One! Tw..."

Jim Jackson: "Kamaura kicks out and fights his way back up to his feet. He stuns Schwarz with a huge chop. Irish whip sends Felix Schwarz to the turnbuckles... Ray Kamaura charges into the corner..."

Brad Blood: "KAMAURA EATS BOOT and staggers backward! I wonder how leather tastes like."

Jim Jackson: "Kamaura blocks a kick from Felix Schwarz. Ray Kamaura hits massive rights knocking Felix Schwarz silly. Massive backbreaker on Schwarz."

Brad Blood: "Whoa! That's one helluva impact. Is Schwarz's spine still in one piece?! Kamaura drops Schwarz to the mat and goes for the cover."

Jack B. Nimble: "One! Two..."

Jim Jackson: "Kamaura only gets a two. He goes to their corner dragging Schwarz with him... Tag to Leon Hinomoto. Spinning bulldog in the corner and Schwarz is down! Rainman for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble: "One! Two..."

Brad Blood: "Kick out by Schwarz, Schwarz is still hanging in there. He tries to fight his way back up to his feet but gets stunned by an uppercut. Schwarz needs to get a tag."

Jim Jackson: "A basement dropkick to the knee sends stops Schwarz's attempt to get to his corner. Irish whip sends Felix Schwarz to the turnbuckles! Rainman charges into the corner..."

Brad Blood: "Schwarz gets his foot up in time and Leon Hinomoto EATS BOOT! Both members of The DWMA have tasted Schwarz's boot!"

Jim Jackson: "Felix Schwarz with a spinning neckbreaker from out of nowhere on Rainman. This is Schwarz's chance to get a tag... Schwarz tags out to Arnold "GoodFella" Bold. Arnold "GoodFella" Bold hits some punches on Leon Hinomoto."

Brad Blood: "How generic. Couldn't GoodFella come up with a better way to start his attack?! He is the reigning champ... Felix ducks below GoodFella's punch and leaps to his corner!"

Jim Jackson: "Rainman tags out to Ray Kamaura. Bodyslam by GoodFella. Ray walks right over GoodFella pressing his full weight into the downed wrestler."

Brad Blood: "That will leave a boot mark. Kamaura lifts GoodFella up on his shoulders. GoodFella tries to fight out of the powebomb attempt by throwing punches to Kamaura's head."

Jim Jackson: "Kamaura still able to hit the powerbomb! GoodFella is twitching on the mat. Kamaura drags GoodFella to their corner... He gets a tag. Leon superkicks Arnold "GoodFella" Bold back onto Ray's shoulders. Ray holds the stunned opponent while Leon climbs to the top turnbuckle. Leon leaps off and double stomps Arnold "GoodFella" Bold's head before Ray drops him with a Death Valley Driver executing The Final Rain!"

Brad Blood: "They hit their finisher! We may have new champs! Hinomoto for the pin... WAIT!!! IT'S MANOLO FERRER! MANOLO IS DISTRACTING THE REFEREE!!! Ray Kamaura goes after Ferrer who runs around the outside of the ring as he gives chase!"

Jim Jackson: "Taufik just smashes his Singapore cane on Conway's head! He enters the ring and smashes his Singapore cane into Leon Hinomoto's head while the ref is distracted! Hinomoto is down! Arnold "GoodFella" Bold and Felix Schwarz sends Leon Hinomoto to the ropes and takes him down with a double clothlesline from hell executing a Drive-by Shooting! GoodFella hooks the leg!"

Jack B. Nimble: "One! Two! Three!"

Jasmine Lee: "Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match and STILL ULOL Campeónes Compañero, Arnold "GoodFella" Bold and Felix Schwarz, GoodFella & Schwarz!"

Brad Blood: "Brilliant! That is what I call perfect team work. Manolo enters the ring, Kamaura runs in after him into the waiting hands of The Age of Pain! Taufik hits Kamaura with his Singapore Cane! The Age of Pain starts to beat down on The DWMA!"

Jim Jackson: "The Age of Pain celebrates in the ring. That beat down was certainly uncalled for. They already won by cheating yet they still rub salt unto the wounds."

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Ulolse10

Jim Jackson: "Well things certainly were interesting tonight. We have a new title in ULOL and with that title comes a new champ, Nao Fook Mi. The DWMA fails to wrest the tag titles away from The Age of Pain. This certainly was a good show."

Brad Blood: "This was beyond good. With a women's roster we will be having more babes in the roster!"

Jim Jackson: "You do know that not all female wrestlers are babes, take Awesome Kong for example."

Brad Blood: "Agh! Thank you for destroying my little happiness."

Jim Jackson: "Anyway, that's all the time we have for tonight, until next week, this is Jim Jackson..."

Brad Blood: "And this is Brad Blood signing off!"

Lucha Loco 03/17/2011 Ulolse10
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