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 Rules and Regulations of ULOL

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Rules and Regulations of ULOL Empty
PostSubject: Rules and Regulations of ULOL   Rules and Regulations of ULOL I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 29, 2008 9:26 pm

I will keep this short and simple...

1. No spamming.

2. No flaming.

3. Maximum of 2 wrestlers per person (including managers or valets). Always use your wrestler name as your account name. 2 wrestlers = 2 accounts. The same wrestlers can join any other federation in the E-Fed Alliance. A third or fourth wrestler will be made available to a player only if he has consistently RPed for over a month. This is a privilege which can be revoked if the player becomes inactive in his RPs. Up to 3 feds per wrestler. Original wrestlers only.

4. If you are going to be inactive for a while, please post in the "Punching Out" thread. If not, after a week of inactivity the admin has the right to use your character in whatever way they see fit.

5. One RP minimum if you are booked in a show. Let's use a standard way of writing up rps, use italics for actions and scene descriptions, your wrestler name and speech should be in color and all fonts should be in bold. For example:

The Morbidly Obese Man walks through the halls of the ULOL building and looks around.

The Morbidly Obese Man: "Dang no one here."

6. All out of character posts in the role-play sections should be preceded with an "OOC:".

7. Rules of physical attacks on one another. ALWAYS make sure that if you want to physically attack another active wrestler, you must FIRST get his permission to do so.

8. Do NOT RP conversation for anyone else unless you have their permission to do so. Same goes for major actions. On-air staff can be used in your RPs all except the general manager D. A'blo.

9. Wrestler push will depend on your Overness.

Overness Points Award System:


TV/Small/Medium/Large Shows:
Win: 1 overness point
Lose: 0 overness point
Draw: 1 overness point each wrestler

Win: 3 overness points
Lose: 1 overness point
Draw: 2 overness points each wrestler


Great RP: 3 overness points
Good RP: 2 overness points
Passable RP: 1 overness point
Below Par RP: -1 overness point


Wrestler loses 3 overness points per week of inactivity.

Over Exposure:

To avoid players sending in a lot of crap RPs just to get OPs, a maximum of 3 appearances is needed per show (excluding match appearance) if the player exceeds, he gets -1 overness point for the first RP over, -2 for the next and so on..

10. Players who have maxed their overness at 100 shall be allowed to pool their excess overness points which may be traded in for favors in the future.

100 points in the pool:
-A certified win in a non-title match. (Tag teams can combine their points together. Can be traded-in by a manager or valet for their clients.)

200 points in the pool:
-Counter a win which was achieved via overness points pool trade-in. (Tag teams can combine their points together. Can be traded-in by a manager or valet for their clients.)

300 points in the pool:
-A title shot. (Tag teams can combine their points together. Can be traded-in by a manager or valet for their clients.)

11. RPs are due 2 days before the show (Thursdays), late RPs will still be accepted but will not affect the match results anymore. Failure to RP means you job or you no-show.

12. No recruiting for other e-feds that are not part of the EFA, whether in chat, PM or forum posts. Violators will have their IP addresses banned.

13. Ignorance is not an excuse, break the rules, suffer the consequences.

14. Have fun.
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Rules and Regulations of ULOL
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